5 Unusual Ways You Can Recycle at Home

Recycling has many benefits including the economic effect on reduction in the cost of household waste disposal. The less waste households create, the less there is a need for expensive trash removal. There are five unusual ways you can recycle at home you might not have realized. These include:

Repurpose Egg Cartons

It may have escaped the imagination that egg cartons are ideal to turn into flower arrangements. Simply cut each cup into the shape of a flower. Use green colored pipe cleaners for stems. Pierce the center of each egg cup with a pipe cleaner and twist to form a floral sepal (center). Twist together several green pipe cleaners to form leaves. Place in a recycled eight ounce can with the label removed. You can paint or cover the can with cut outs from magazines.

Reuse Fabrics

Before you decide to hand over your used clothing for recycling, there are several things you can do with fabric. For example, cut about ten 12-inch fabric strips about one and a half inches wide.

Twist the fabric tightly and knot at each end. Form a coil about six inches in diameter by tying the strips together. These strips make useful trivets that absorb heat when placed under hot pans or serving dishes.

Fabric swatches also make pretty floral arrangements when they are attached to pipe cleaners. Use the most colorful fabrics and vary the colors.

Save Plastic Bottles

There are so many uses for plastic soft drink bottles. For instance, start seedlings over the winter, convert them into fanciful piggy banks or create handy bird feeders. You can recycle the rest of the bottles instead of putting them with the normal garbage.  Once you start separating your recycling you’ll be amazed at how much you used to throw away to the landfill.

Reuse Paper

Using your creative imagination, you can reuse paper. For example, old newspaper can be rolled tightly and dampened for use as kindling in a fireplace. Colored paper can be shredded with a standard shredder and used to create draft dodgers to keep out the cold on windows and at the base of doors.

To make a draft dodger, cut off the arm of a worn shirt as well as the cuff. Sew one end and fill with shredded colored paper. Then, sew the other open end.

Recycle Empty Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls

You can make whimsical door wreaths with empty paper towel rolls. String together four of these so they about each other tightly. Use an ice pick to poke holes into each roll. Then simply add dried flowers and dried flower stems or evergreens into each hole.

Toilet paper rolls do double duty as mini trees for a table centerpiece. These can be covered with recycled paper. Using a glue gun, decorate with coins, wrapped candies or holiday garlands. Kids love them.

Recycled Water

Many people who are conscious about the environment know that water consumption can be detrimental when it comes to utility use. You can recycle the water that you use with the proper grey water recycling and sewage systems. You can have a large system that gives you water to use throughout your home that recycles water for garden irrigation can be used for flushing the toilets, the washing machine, and washing your car.  If we get creative in our homes we can reduce our environmental impact through recycling.

Kara Mastersonthe author of this post, is a freelance writer from Utah.

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