50% of Our Trash Is Recyclable: How to Go Green with Your Garbage

You may be a part of the statistic in which 50% of what you discard can be recycled. This is an alarming thought when you stop to consider the implications. Here are some of the ways that you can go green when it comes to your garbage.

Educate Yourself

Take a little bit of time and learn about what is actually recyclable. You may be surprised about the amount of items that can be recycled. Even if your local garbage company doesn’t collect the items, there are places that will take them from you. This is in an effort to remove as much trash as possible from the landfills. Some of the biggest generators of waste revolve around paper and cardboard. Both of these items are recyclable as long as they’re clean.

Develop a Sorting System

Create a sorting system to help you with your recycling efforts. Have an additional can that will allow you to segregate your recyclable items. Some communities have what’s called a commingle recycling program. This is where all of your recyclable items are collected in one place. Other communities still require that each individual type of items are segregated. Determine what type of recycling program exists in your region before developing your system.

Resell Some Items

Some of your recyclable items have resell value. Things like scrap metal have a little bit of value depending on the type that you’re returning. Look into a scrap metal services company so that you can get the most from old metal you have around the house. No one ever said that you shouldn’t be able to make a few bucks while you’re helping to save the environment. In some states, bottles can be returned in order to receive your deposit back.

Invest in Composting

Food waste and paper items that are contaminated with food can be composted. This is one way to have a prize winning garden without having to purchase your own compost. It takes very little effort to create a composting pile. You can purchase a special composting bin or you can have a pile somewhere in your yard. Either method is effective when it comes to breaking down your waste. Turn that old garbage into something useful for the flower beds and vegetable garden.

There are little things that you can do to help reduce the amount of trash in the landfills. Try out some of these strategies so that you can be greener with your garbage.

Hannah Whittenly, the author of this post, is a guest blogger.

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