4 Major Materials Industrial Companies Can Recycle for Cash

If you want to increase your industrial company’s revenue, you can find materials that you use in everyday operations to recycle and make some extra cash. Some recyclers are known to pay hefty amounts for certain materials, and you’ll also be doing your part to help the environment when you recycle. Recycling these four major industrial materials can give your business some additional cash flow. 

Scrap Metal 

Scrap metal can be found in many appliances, batteries and other items that you use to run your industrial business. Most recycling centers pay for scrap metal recycling by the pound. According to Earth911, a product needs to be at least 50 percent metal to qualify for scrap metal recycling. You’ll also want to know whether a particular type of metal is ferrous (containing iron) or nonferrous (containing other types of metal). If you’re using a lot of metal in your manufacturing operations, however, you’ll easily be able to find a company willing to pay for your excess scrap metal that otherwise would be useless waste to you.


Any wood that has been damaged or cut down too much to be of use, whether from construction projects or manufacturing, can be reused for other purposes. Timber recyclers often put this wood into shredders to break them down into smaller pieces so that they can be used for other products. This broken-down timber can even be converted into energy sources to supply power to homes and businesses. This is a major benefit both to the environment as well as a potential resource for you to get return compensation for your waste wood material.


Your business’s e-waste could bring in big money when you recycle it regularly. Computers, copiers, fax machines and remote controls are just some of the electronics items that you can sell to a recycler when they become obsolete or damaged beyond repair. Many of the materials that are in these electronics are considered by be highly valuable and can fetch you a hefty sum. If you choose to sell electrical equipment to a recycler, it’s important to check with federal regulations and the laws in your state to make sure that you stay legally compliant when discarding your e-waste. Sending it to a licensed recycling company, however, is one of the best ways to be compliant in these regulations.


If you use vehicles to carry out some of your industrial operations, their old or worn tires will be valuable to recyclers. Most recyclers will require you to remove the wheel weights and rims before accepting your old tires. You may not be able to find a tire recycler who’s willing to pay for the tires themselves, but you can make money be recycling the rims. Having your old tires repurposed instead of disposing of them in landfills can help the environment by decreasing waste amounts and increasing the amount of tire-derived fuel (TDF) that can be used as a better alternative to coal and other fossil fuels. 

You’ll be helping both your business and the planet by recycling many of your unwanted items. Recycling is one of the easiest ways to make money and can greatly boost your industrial company’s earnings. Disposing of otherwise reusable waste through landfills is wasteful, especially if you could be getting money back for the materials themselves. Before disposing of any potentially reusable material, be sure to do some research into the recycling services in your area and find out if you could be getting a return for your company, and for the environment, instead.

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