4 Unique Uses for Industrial Scrap Metal

The industrial sector is what we rely on to create a large portion of the products we use every single day. As with any sort of manufacturing process, there is always going to be some leftover scrap. Here are four very unique ways industrial scrap metal can be recycled instead of thrown in the trash.


Recycled scrap metal is being used now more than ever before to construct new products that consumers use every day. Belts and watches are two of the most common products you’ll find constructed from old industrial scrap metal. However, many green companies are constructing more and more clothing products from recyclable metal. In the near future, expect to see more products like jewelry and wallets made of scrap metal material become common accessories for people to wear.

Park Amenities

Local communities are trying to do their part to create a greener community. With industrial scrap steel and other metals alike, they’re creating many amenities to add to their local parks. Some common amenities include benches, fountains, playground equipment, sculptures, birdhouses, and even gazebos to their local parks. The possibilities are only constrained by the imagination of the local community.

Lawn Ornaments

If you’re into doing artistic projects, then lawn ornaments can be a great way to utilize old industrial scrap metal. You can opt for making outdoor tables, seats, water fountains, light posts, birdhouses, fences, railings, and so much more. The best part about designing lawn ornaments from scrap metal is that you can use all different types. From recycled steel to recycled aluminum you can craft new ornaments that will enhance the look of your home.

Home Furnishings

One really unique use of industrial scrap metal is to make home furnishings. These end up being both beautiful to look at and durable to own. Some common examples of home furnishings made from scrap metal include lamps, benches, gliders, and tables. With a little bit of creativity, you can create tons of home furnishings and decor items out of used scrap metal.

The industrial sector does produce a large amount of scrap metal. Fortunately, it can be recycled to create masterpieces that bring joy to individuals and communities around the globe. The above are four of the most unique uses for industrial scrap metal. There are many more outlets that use up this type of scrap metal to ensure that it stays out of the landfill for future generations.

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