3 Green Options for Recycling Old Tires Before Throwing Them Away

Whether you’ve upgraded tires on your car recently or you’re stuck with old tires from who-knows-where, getting rid of old tires can be a problem. You may be considering just taking them down to the dump, but you should think again.

Old tires very dangerous in landfills because with that hole in the middle and the fact that they’re hollow, they take up more space that they actually need. They also are harmful fire hazards and likely breeding grounds mosquitos that might carry the West Nile virus. To ensure the safety of the earth and your community, here are three Earth-friendly options for getting rid of old tires.

Local Recycling Center

Since tires are made out of rubber, they can be easily recycled into new products. A quick visit to your local recycling center can allow you to drop off those old tires. You’ll owe a small fee per each tire that you’re looking to get rid of. When you drop your old tires off at a local recycling center you can be assured that they will be properly recycled into new products.

Decorate with Them

If you have a set of old Nissan tires, consider just adding them to your landscape. Many creative homeowners have utilized old tires as part of their home decor. You can opt for leaving them black or painting them with another color to match the exterior of your home. Some common ways to use tires in your landscape include tire planters, tire swings, and even tire ladders for your children’s playset.

Create Mulch Out of Them

If you’ve been to the park recently, you’ve likely noticed rubber mulch as the protective layer underneath the children’s playsets. Rubber is a great material that allows for a soft landing. You can utilize this thought process at home. Consider turning those old tires into mulch for around your child’s swing set and other toys.

It’s best to put an edging layer up to ensure that the rubber mulch stays out of your lawn. The mulching can be used for more than your child’s play area. You can create a rubber mulch around your garden. You can donate the mulch to your local park for them to utilize.

You can offer the mulch to a neighbor or family member who has kids. The options are really endless when it comes to turning your old tires into a usable mulch compound.

Being stuck with old tires doesn’t have to be a headache. There are many green ways in which you can utilize those tires to ensure they don’t end up in a landfill. The above three options are some great ones for the average homeowner to employ. Likely, you’ll be able to come up with more as your creativity starts to shine.

Anita Ginsburg, the author, is a freelance writer.

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