5 Common Household Items You Can Recycle with a Little Extra Effort

When you are concerned about saving the planet from additional pollution, you should learn how to recycle items correctly. There are several ways to recycle everyday household things to avoid having more trash in local landfills. Consider taking these recyclables to a center where the items are broken down into different types of metal, plastic or glass.

Toner or Ink Cartridges

When you need to replace a toner or ink cartridge in a fax machine, copier or a computer’s printer, don’t throw the old one in the trash. There are companies that can reuse the old cartridge by filling it with ink. Some retail stores will accept an old cartridge for recycling purposes, and also, the stores will give you a discount coupon for a new ink or toner cartridge.

Glass Jars and Bottles

You probably have several empty glass jars and bottles that are recyclable at the centers that accept these items. It is essential to wash the glass containers along with removing the plastic or metal lids. Sort the glass into different types by looking at its color and the special number coding of the container. This number is typically located on the bottom of the container, and a recycling center’s employees will only accept glass containers that are sorted properly.

Recycle Batteries

If you have drawers filled with dead batteries, then you should find the appropriate battery recycling services. When you throw old batteries in the trash, the items go to landfills where the metal items rust and degrade, leaching dangerous acids and other chemicals into the earth’s soil. These contaminants will enter the groundwater to travel to other locations, including the world’s lakes, rivers and oceans. There are companies that will accept old batteries through the mail.

Plastic Shopping Bags

Don’t throw away the hundreds of plastic shopping bags that you receive in stores each month. Take these items to a recycling station at your favorite supermarket so that the items are recycled properly. The plastic shopping bags are converted into other plastic things, including lawn chairs, playground equipment or new plastic shopping bags.

Old Electronics

When your television stops working, don’t throw it away at a landfill. These types of items contain a variety of materials that are recyclable, but if the item is in a landfill, then it will decompose, leading to pollution in the groundwater and soil. At a recycling center that accepts electronics, the technicians will take the items apart to sell the metals and plastics to manufacturing companies that will reuse the materials.

Have a Recycling Station in Your Home

Make sure to have a recycling station in your home where it is easier to store the things that are reusable. Have plastic totes or bins for the items that you want to recycle.

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