5 Odd Things You Wouldn’t Think You Can Recycle

Recycling has become a normal part of our lives. We know to throw in the glass bottles and plastic milk jugs so that they can be reused in the future. However, there are some recyclables that most average people don’t even realize can be recycled.


If you’ve recently upgraded your prescription, you shouldn’t just throw out those old eyeglasses. Rather, you can easily recycle them at your local Lion’s Clubs and other similar locations. This way, they can be given to people who need glasses but can’t afford their own pair.

Toner Cartridges

Those ink or toner cartridges that you have left from your printer can be easily recycled. If you want, you can actually buy a refilling kit. This way, you can refill your old toner cartridges and save yourself some green. If you’re not that ambitious, you can simply drop off your used toner cartridges at a local toner recycling drop off. These are usually found at stores that sell toner cartridges.


Your old computers and phones that don’t work anymore can be easily recycled. There are many scrap metal services that will hold annual electronic recycling days where you can get rid of these old products. The recycle center will breakdown the components of your electronics and reuse the metal to create new products.


This one may surprise you a lot. Crayons are plentiful and their waxy compound makes them last for a long, long time. This can create excess debris that gets stuck in the landfill. Instead, you can easily recycle these crayons by sending them to the Crayon Initiative. This program actually will melt down the crayons and create new crayons that they donate to hospitals across the country.


Those shingles that you put on your roof to keep the water and other weather elements from intruding in your home are recyclable. Most shingles are made from asphalt. This makes them the perfect material to be reused for things like paving streets and highways. This type of product does have to be recycled at specific recycle centers that take asphalt.

When it comes to recycling, there are many products that can be reused. Traditionally, we tend to think of things like bottles and glass as recyclables. However, there are many other products that can be recycled through various drop off centers where the products can be reused by others or broken down and their components reused to make other products.

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