A Zero-Waste Party Tips: How to Make it Possible

Celebrating and hosting parties are in our nature. So, if you are planning on throwing a party, you probably think that having a zero-waste party is almost next to impossible task. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. All it takes is knowing some simple zero-waste party tips and a little pre-planning. Hence, forget about all plastic cups, paper plates, and leftovers and adopt a greener lifestyle with these eco-friendly party planning tips.

Plan a Zero Waste Menu

Properly planning your menu will help you in your aim to have a zero-waste party. So, pick foods which are not wrapped in plastic packaging. You can opt for picnics, barbecues, and snack bites which require no disposable tableware or unnecessary packaging. Keep your menu simple and find finger foods and appetizers to avoid the need for plates and cutlery.

Use Reusable Tableware

When it comes to tableware, make sure you use metal cutlery, reusable straws, cloth cocktail napkins, and reusable plates. Plus, you don’t need to use a tablecloth. Don’t hesitate to use your everyday glassware as a way of eliminating your need for disposables.

Rethink Your Party Theme

Planning a party usually involves some kind of decoration, especially if you’re organizing a themed event. Nevertheless, party decorations, such as balloons and confetti, are not environmentally friendly. Therefore, you can use biodegradable balloons, confetti with flowers, and candles to decorate your event.  

Replace Traditional Paper Invites

The traditional paper invites are outdated and you should definitely replace them with recycled paper invites made of bamboo or cotton. However, a better way is to take advantage of social media platforms and create a digital invitation. You can either create an event and send invitations. If you still decide to stick to printable paper, look for seeded paper for your invitations and take your party to the next level.

Share Your Waste Reduction Efforts with Your Guests

At the beginning of the party, make sure you make a quick announcement about your efforts and where your guests can find the bins. You can also label the bins to avoid confusion and let your guests know what is trash and what things are compostable.

Dispose of Waste Properly After the Party

If you end up with some trash after your party, make sure you dispose of it properly. So, sort food scraps, trash, and recycling correctly and place them in curbside bins. Make sure you never put any plastic bags in the recycling bin.

Use Eco-Friendly Containers for Leftovers

You will definitely be left with some leftover food. Instead of throwing away untouched food, you can store it in eco-friendly containers or beeswax wraps. By doing so, you can take a break from cooking in the next couple of days, while you can freeze some of the food and eat it at a later date.

Incorporating these simple and affordable zero-waste party tips into your planning and combining them with great music and your favorite people could make a very memorable event. Let us know if you have some additional tips on how to throw a party in a zero-waste way.
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