Using Green Energy while Trekking

Today, there are many new technologies on the market covering and improving many industries, as well as aspects of our everyday lives. One of those aspects is an activity whose popularity is increasingly growing, and that is becoming a people’s favorite – trekking.

Development of technology has not only made hikers’ lives easier, but it has also helped them be more aware of nature and the benefits it can bring, as well as more conscious about the impact people in general have on it. Technology and the innovative high tech gadgets have made it possible to stay green and use renewable energy even while trekking.

Even though the point of going out in nature is to enjoy its peace and beauty and to disconnect from the world, most of us cannot go through a day without our precious gadgets. Let’s face it, they do make life a lot easier and taking them along with us on a trekking adventure can have its advantages. The best part is that new technologies help us to go off grid and they do not cause much harm to nature.

Here are two forms of energy and some of the ways they can be used that can come in very handy while trekking. 

Solar Power

While trekking, it is much more convenient and comforting if you do not have to separate from your phone, camera, lights, and other gadgets that have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Making use of available solar power is a great way to go when you know it will be a sunny day.

Portable solar panels make it possible to collect the power from the sun and generate energy to power all the devices you are bringing along. When buying a portable solar panel, you should make sure that it will be compatible with the devices that you plan to use the grid for. A great thing about solar panels for hiking is that you can also use portable solar batteries to store the energy for later use.

When deciding on the perfect portable panel for your trekking purposes, there are several important things to consider. Make sure to figure out how much solar power you will need, how much weight you can carry, if the panel needs to be weatherproof, and whether you can easily strap or store it in your backpack. There are plenty of solar brands on the market, and some of the examples are the Nomad 7, Anker, and solar panels from Solar Monkey. 

Power of the Wind

When there is not a lot of sunlight available to you, or when you are trekking during cloudy weather, then wind turbines are your next best solution when it comes to green energy. Wind turbines can be very simple, designed for charging small devices, such as smartphones, but you can also find some more complex ones if your work depends on energy to recharge heavier devices.

For trekking purposes, wind turbines have been made portable, and some can even weigh less than four pounds. These specially made wind turbines for trekking can come in such small sizes that they can fit into your backpack.

Some portable turbines can produce an output of up to 100 W if the wind is at average speed, and they also have batteries that can store the energy for later use. The batteries come in handy because you can collect the energy while it’s windy even if you don’t need to charge your device right away or directly from the wind turbine. You will be glad to have some energy stored for emergencies or when there is no wind outside.

Some wind turbines also come with different additional, special features, such as a flashlight, which can be useful at nights. Some examples of portable wind turbines on the market for trekking are the WindPax and the Wisp.

Stay Safe, Go Green

Just like many other aspects and activities in our lives, green energy and technology have also made their way into trekking. It is an activity that is in itself connected with nature, so why shouldn’t it also try using the energy that nature gives us for free!

Technological developments have made it possible to use the solar energy and the energy from the wind to charge our gadgets and devices while trekking. Gadgets such as portable solar panels and portable wind turbines have made the entire trekking experience safer and easier.

The most important thing to remember when trekking in the wild is to stay safe, and using technology and green energy helps with that exactly. They make trekking more comfortable as well as help you to stay on route. It is a great privilege to have, but it should also be used wisely and responsibly, together with your own knowledge and instincts.

Mattea Jacobs, the author of this post, is a freelance writer who mostly writes about both interior and exterior home design, and environmentally-friendly ways to improve homes. She is also a green activist and a mother of two beautiful sons. You can reach her on Facebook and Instagram.

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