How Tankless Water Heaters Lessen Your Ecological Footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint may be something that’s important to you. There are ways that you can go about making your home less wasteful. Here are some of the reasons that tankless water heaters are better for the environment.

Balance Your Needs

A tankless water heater functions differently than a standard water heater. For one, there isn’t a tank of water that needs to be maintained. You’ll have hot water on demand. This means that you’ll only have to heat the water based on your needs and usage. There will also be less waiting for the water heater to recharge after someone has taken a long shower. This water on demand is good for your energy usage as well as your bottom-line.

Less Waste

Storing your hot water in a tank is extremely inefficient and wasteful. This is because you have to maintain a constant temperature for the water in the tank. You may find that your water heater kicks on and off all day long. This method of containment is wasteful not only for the environment but on your monthly budget. A tankless water heater reduces the amount of waste that’s generated because it only runs when you use it.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Due to the nature of the tankless water heater, you use less energy. Using less energy means that you’re being more environmentally friendly. This is a good thing when you consider the average energy usage of a home in the US. There are variations in energy consumption based on your state of residence. Even regarding this, the average household consumes 911 kilowatt hours per month. Your water heater is also listed as the second largest consumer of household energy usage.

Longer Lasting

A tankless water heater typically lasts longer than a water heater with a tank. This is because the parts aren’t expected to hold water all day long. There is less of a chance for these items to corrode over time. This means that your investment can last for years beyond a standard water heater. Replacing your current water heater with a tankless one may be the best solution for your family. You can save some money and reduce your overall ecological footprint.

There are lots of reasons that a tankless water heater is the right decision for your family. The reduced carbon footprint is just another bonus that you’ll need to consider before moving forward with replacing your old water heater.

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