4 Professionals Who Can Teach You The Best Green Strategies For Your Home

Whether you are building from the ground up or retrofitting an existing home, making the structure greener is good for the environment. Green homes are ultimately good for your pocketbook, too. When you are trying to green your home, be sure to speak with each of these four types of professionals for helpful advice.

Building Contractors

Building contractors work on homes throughout every stage of the construction process. They offer helpful information such as how much insulation to use or which roofing materials are the most durable and reliable. Building contractors have access to a variety of materials and can inform you of the greenest solutions to fit your needs.

Utility Company Auditors

Utility companies employ energy auditors who are able to come to your home and inspect it from top to bottom. These professionals identify areas where energy is wasted and list ways that you can take action and remedy the problem. For example, the energy auditor might find that a significant amount of heated or conditioned air is lost from around your windows. In the report created by the auditor, suggestions for remedies might include caulking, weather stripping, replacing the windows or adding more insulation.

Civil Engineers

Professionals with a masters in civil engineering offer proven solutions for building or retrofitting your home. These licensed engineers have the necessary education and experience to help you select the most energy-efficient materials and systems for your home. For example, a civil engineer could help you to choose the best architectural style based on your home’s location, the amount of wind and sunlight. The engineer could then provide you with information on which building materials to use in your home’s construction.

Green Energy Scientists

If you are seeking an innovative way to green up your home, consider a consultation with a green energy scientist. These highly educated researchers and developers create the systems, hone the processes and invent the materials that are used in green materials. For example, a green energy scientist could help you set up the most efficient solar panel array and storage system for your house based upon the energy you need and the location and orientation of the structure.

Each of these four professionals offers a different perspective to greening your home. From discovering the most energy-efficient materials to implementing environmentally-friendly construction techniques, you can use their ideas to your advantage. Make the most of the knowledge and experience that these educated and experienced professionals have to offer.

Emma Sturgis, the authour of this post, is a freelance writer from Boston, MA

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