Shame! Humans are Turning Moon into a Garbage Dump

Lonely at the top, the Moon has been fascinating humankind for centuries together. From poets to scientists, the fair lady has inspired the works of many, and continues to do so. Disappointingly, she isn’t as pristine as she is in the verses nor unblemished as seen from down here.

The expeditions of pride, led by humans, have taken its toll on the moon and in its surroundings. An approximate amount of 400,000 pounds of trash is said to have been piled up on the lunar surface.

While looking for cheaper and easier methods of bringing the astronauts back home from their lunar trips, the scientists found that leaving as many equipment back there would be an effective solution. As a result, much of the trash on the moon is the contribution of multiple expeditions of man to the lunar surface. The debris accumulated over unmanned expeditions add to this.

On probing further into the matter, one finds that an enormous amount of trash is left in space as a result of various space travels and satellite tests. Multiple endeavors and efforts of man to crack the unfathomable outer space have led to the lurking around of broken satellites and pieces of failed spacecraft, which comprise around 21000 pieces of trash.

As weightlessness is the only proven solution for an easy come back, astronauts have dismantled 22,700 pounds of heavy lunar landers on the surface, as well as other modules, craft and miscellaneous materials associated with each mission. Along with which the left overs of temporary human settlements, including literal human waste, are piled up on the moon’s surface.

It becomes a matter of shock when one thinks how unsustainable are the manner in which human beings go about doing things. The development of science and technology has taken man a long way, but it’s a way that threaten to reach a dead end.  It would need humongous work on finding solutions that would keep the system going. Methods to keep the outer space welcoming as always need to be developed.

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Written by Niveditha Kartha

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