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Modernize Your Office: Make It Green, Chic and Functional

Does your office encourage you to work efficiently? Is it decorated in a way to make you feel good while doing your job? If not, there are ways to adjust it to your needs, so that it reflects your personality and your lifestyle. If you care for the environment, but also want your work space to look modern and to encourage you and your coworkers to be as productive as possible, then personalize it and turn it into a place you’ll all love spending time in. Take a look at these ideas how.

Increase sustainability

Another thing you should work towards if you want to make your office greener and more functional is sustainability. There are numerous ways to introduce it to your working space and very few excuses for not doing so. Start by reducing your energy bills. The only thing better than caring for the environment is the opportunity to save money in the process. Regulate the heating in your office to be more energy-efficient, turn off all the lights and devices before you leave at the end of the day, use laptops instead of desktops, since they require less energy to work and lower the brightness of all the computer screens in your office. Other things you can do include using as little paper as possible and recycling as much of it as you can, bringing in some potted plants to reduce pollution and improve productivity, and investing in biodegradable, natural cleaning products for your office, as well as recycled stationary. Finally, forget about paper cups and plastic spoons, but rather get reusable ones. Each small step towards sustainability means a lot, which is something each of us should always bear in mind.

Make it biophilic

You may wonder what this even means, but biophilic approach to office décor has been around for a while now. Basically, biophilia represents our innate connection to nature and biophilic design introduces different natural elements to any living or office space, using the already-mentioned connection to create a whole range of positive emotions and improve our overall well-being. It means that painting your walls green isn’t enough. Use potted vines and climbing plants to make it green naturally. Some water features for the sound of running water are also welcome, as are the sounds of wind, birds or even dolphins somewhere in the background. Natural scents that make you feel like you’re outside may improve your mood and your productivity, so introduce the smell of freshly cut grass, flowers, or even the salty fragrance of the sea to your office space. Round it up with plenty of natural light, as well as air conditioning that mimics the temperatures and the weather outside as closely as possible and you’ll have a healthy and stylish office that will let everybody’s creative juices flow.

Let coworking inspire you

Are you familiar with the Chinese concept of guanxi? In plain language, it stands for the personal connections you make at work, as well as the trust and understanding between you and your co-workers. Guanxi can open doors for you and allow any business to thrive. The Chinese are aware of how their business development can benefit from guanxi, which is why they nurture it. For this reason, hiring professional Hong Kong interior design services to help them with office décor is nothing unusual for them. The goal is to cultivate the unifying and cooperative aspects of this concept and this is something that should be reflected in the office design. The most common example of this are shared workspaces, which animate people to socialize, collaborate and come up with innovative solutions as a result of joined efforts. And the good sides of this aren’t limited to business success. Offices like these conserve space and energy, which makes them efficient and environment-friendly.

Ensure functionality

Making your office more functional isn’t really difficult or expensive. You just need to put some thought in it and you’ll get the desired result in no time. The key is to provide your employees with all the accessibility they need so that they can work in a good atmosphere and be more productive. For example, investing in furniture pieces that are portable or adjustable to your employees’ requirements is one thing you can do. Arrange all the equipment so that it’s easy to get to and so that it’s logically organized in accordance with your business and your staff’s demands. All your supplies should be stored neatly and practically so that anybody who has to use them can find what they’re looking for without wasting time. To achieve this, you should get enough storage units to avoid mess in the office. Make sure there’s no clutter around your work space. A clean office will appear more spacious, allowing people to concentrate better and to contribute more to the working process and the company itself. In addition to this, all your employees should participate in maintaining cleanliness and tidiness of your office. If everybody keeps their desk in order, you’ll all find it more pleasant and relaxing to work together.

The best office spaces are those which trigger creativity in the people who work there, motivating them to be the best versions of themselves while they do their jobs. Now all you have to do is create such an office and enjoy all of its perks.

Chloe, the author of this post, is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time.

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