Mindful Home: 4 Ways to Reduce Energy Use in Your House

Reducing energy usage should be the primary concern of every homeowner. Not only does it help protect our precious environment, but it also helps you save money on your monthly bills. These are two things that everyone in the world should care about, so there is simply no reason to avoid cutting down on your energy usage. Luckily, it is also fairly easy to achieve this beneficially feat. These are the four best ways to reduce the energy use in your home.

Cover the Windows

Heating and cooling the house to a comfortable temperature requires a lot of energy. You can drastically cut down on this energy usage by covering the windows with shutters or blinds. These window covers keep the hot sunlight from warming the house in the summer. They also help keep in the warm air during the winter.

Unplug the Electronics

Every electrical item uses a small amount of energy when turned off. This is known as phantom or vampire power. Using this power allows the electronics to turn on quickly when you try to use them, but it is also driving up your monthly energy bills. The only way to avoid phantom energy usage is by unplugging all of your unused electronics. Turning on the television or coffee pot may take a few extra seconds, but it is well worth it to reduce your energy usage.

Change the Light Bulbs

Since your lights are on for hours every day, using energy-efficient bulbs can drastically reduce your energy usage. Purchasing these light bulbs may cost a little extra money, but you will easily earn this money back in the long run. It is estimated that using LED light bulbs can save the average household more than $8 every month on their energy bills. This savings will only continue to grow as LED light bulbs drop in price.

Maintain Your Home

Taking good care of the home can go a long way to reducing your energy usage. Dirty appliances and HVAC units are forced to use extra power to effectively do their job. You are also wasting energy and money if you do not take the time to regularly clean air ducts and seal cracks near doors and windows.

Excessive energy use is a huge problem in this country. Your thoughts on the environment are irrelevant because wasting energy costs a lot of money. If you implement these four energy saving tips, then you will help the environment and your finances.

  • Emma Sturgis, the author of this post, is a freelance writer from Boston, MA

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