Living in Clean, Green Comfort: 5 Ways to Make Your Studio Apartment More Energy Efficient

There are many different ways that you can save energy in your studio apartment. Then, you can have money to pay for other things that you want or for a fabulous night out on the town. Here are some ways to make your studio apartment more energy efficient.

Work with the Natural Light

Open your blinds and curtains wide to let in as much sun as possible on a cold winter day. In the summer, however, keep them closed during the day. If you get to choose your own curtains, then consider hanging those containing two or more layers. This creates an extra layer of insulation between the room and the outside. Use a draft stopper at the bottom of your windows year round if you feel the outside air coming in.

Pack Your Freezer Tightly

Packing your freezer tightly causes it to use less energy. Therefore, feel free to buy lots of food at the grocery store. The reason that packing your freezer tightly helps conserve energy is that every time you open the door, you let hot air in that your freezer has to cool.

Use Compact-fluorescent Lightbulbs

Consider using compact-fluorescent light bulbs as they use up to 75 percent less energy than a regular light bulb. Since you can use a 23-watt light bulb in a lamp designed for under a 100-watt light bulb, you may find that you can use fewer light bulbs to light your studio apartment. The result is that you are reducing your electricity bill even more.

Install a Smart Power Strip

In order to eliminate electricity used by charging devices, televisions that only go to sleep and other devices that seem to be using electricity when they appear to be turned off, install a smart power strip. You can find three different types of smart power strips. One senses when a device is not being used and shuts off electricity to it, another type senses when you are home turning lights and other devices on and off automatically while the third type controls devices by using a timer.

Choose the Right HVAC System

There are many different types HVAC equipment manufacturers out there. Think about the size of the space that you need to heat and cool. Consider the efficiency of the system to save the most on your energy bills.

Just doing these five simple things will help you save on your energy bill. You may want to save even more money by moving to a certified green building when your lease is up. Meanwhile, these easy steps will help you keep your energy bills under control now.

Lizzie Weakley, the author of this post, is a freelance writer.

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