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Community Cleanup: 3 Ways to Keep Your Neighborhood Green and Clean

Having a nice, neat-looking neighborhood is probably important to you. After all, it’s certainly a lot more pleasant to look around your neighborhood and see that it looks nice than if you had to look at messy surroundings. A neater, cleaner neighborhood is also important for things like property values. Plus, you might also want your neighborhood to be more eco-friendly. These are a few tips that can help you make your neighborhood more green and clean.

Lead by Example

First of all, if you want for others in your neighborhood to make an effort to keep the area nice and clean, you should consider leading by example. If the people who live in your neighborhood see you picking up trash and otherwise making an effort to make the neighborhood look nice, then they might be a bit more mindful about such things as well. In time, others might make more of an effort to keep your community looking nice as well.

Put out More Trash Cans

If a person is not able to easily find a trash can when they need to throw something away, they might be more likely to litter. If there are plenty of trash cans around the neighborhood, however, people might be more common to use them. Therefore, consider working with a service like Tri-State Disposal to put more trash cans and dumpsters throughout your neighborhood and to have them dumped regularly.

Meet with Your Neighbors

Consider setting up a meeting with your neighbors, such as at your next homeowner’s association meeting, so that you can talk about your concerns. Then, you can talk to your neighbors to see if you can get them excited about making neighborhood changes as well. This can give you and all of the others who live in your community a chance to talk about changes that can be made to make your neighborhood cleaner and greener. Plus, this can also be a good time for you and your neighbors to discuss any other concerns that you might have or changes that can be made to improve your community.

As you can see, if you are concerned that your neighborhood is not green or clean enough, you should know that you don’t have to just ignore the situation. Instead, you can take steps to do something about it. These are three steps that you can take if this is something that you are concerned about.

Lizzie Weakly, the author of this post, is a freelance writer.

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