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4 Green Waste Solutions that Can Help Clean up the Planet

The planet’s landfills are quickly filling up. Many of the products that end up in these landfills could have been recycled or disposed of in another way. Here are some green waste solutions that can help to reduce the amount of garbage on the planet.

Energy Conversion Plants

Solid waste energy conversion plants are available in many areas. These types of plants incinerate the trash and convert it into usable energy. This is one way to reduce the amount of garbage that enters the landfills. There are currently 86 of these plants across the US. They generate enough energy to power over two million homes year round. The filters that are used at the plants prevent harmful chemicals from entering the environment. This makes them one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted trash.

Improved Recycling Opportunities

Improving recycling opportunities is incredibly important. Many cities are moving towards more effective waste services that recycle. This cuts down on the amount of garbage that is transported to the landfill. Some of these cities employ the commingle recycling bin method. This means that all of the recyclable materials from your household can be placed into one easy bin. They can then be sorted at the recycling center. Materials that are still of value can be sold to other companies in order to pay for the recycling program.

Biodegradable Products

Some companies are making biodegradable products and packaging. This means that even if these materials do end up in the landfill, they will break down quickly. Plastics and other materials can last for hundreds of years in landfills. These new products will only last a short amount of time. Some of these items include plastic utensils, containers, cups, and plastic bags. This is one way to reduce the amount of waste that is generated.

Reduced Packaging

Many companies have made a pledge to cut down on the amount of packaging in their products. This means that there is less waste generated by you. Pairing less packaging with biodegradable and recyclable solutions may mean that less items are thrown away. Some companies will even purchase the packaging back from you. This is a form of recycling that reduces the amount waste generated. It also saves the company money having to recreate the packaging materials that already exist in the marketplace.

Combining all of these green waste solutions could mean that less materials are left in the landfills. It may even help to clean up the planet. You can do your part by encouraging your city to adopt a recycling program if they haven’t already done so.

Rachelle Wilber,  the author of this post, is a freelance writer from San Diego, California

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