Green Home: Renovate in Healthier Way

Home renovations are always a challenge, but what if you would take a step further and make it eco – friendly? It is not hard as it seems and it’s definitely a long term investment. Your Green Home can save you a lot of money and help the environment, not to mention that it will be much healthier place to live in. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Eco–friendly paints

If you plan to change color of your walls, then you should say a big NO to the paints that leave bad chemicals in the air. Buy the ones with low level of volatile organic compounds or those that are completely free of it.

Be bold and splash a little bit of paint on some furniture as well. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, you don’t need to buy brand new ones. Repainting will breathe a new life into them and save some wood from going into a furniture factory!


Can’t sleep because of heat? While summer beside the ocean in New South Wales is beautiful, you don’t want that suffocating, hot air inside your home. That’s why you have to invest in insulating your house. Even though it may seem expensive at first, it will definitely pay out in time. Your home will have cooler temperature during summer thanks to insulation, but it will also be warmer on cold days. That’s why you won’t need to use air conditioner or heater so much and that will save a lot of energy and money.

Solar energy

Warm climate and lots of sunny days in Australia can be your resources of energy. Think about having solar panels in your home. While you are at it, consider installing a sun tunnel as well. That way you will have natural light during the days all the time.

Let it be light

In the evening you will need to turn on the lights, but there is also a way to decrease your electric energy bill. How? It’s simple – use LED lights. They last longer, spend less energy and, therefore, keep money in your wallet. Installing dimmer switches in your home can also save a lot of energy. Consult with the expert; see what works best for your home. Experienced electrician in Cambelltown will check all the possibilities and give you some ideas that can make your home full of sunshine and light.

Reuse old stuff

Your home is full of things that you can reuse in a brand new way. There are so many options and ideas to give old stuff a new purpose. Instead of throwing that old closet away, think about placing it in garage to keep tools in it. Want to get rid of those old doors? All right, take them down, but don’t give up on them. With just a bit of sanding and repainting you can get a new headboard. By doing things like this, you will save some cash and protect the environment from more junk on landfill.

Water savings

Water is the most precious fluid on Earth and, therefore, it’s very important to save it for the future generations. And yes, you can start doing that in your home! Annoyed by the sound of water drops? Fix that leaking faucet. Turn off the tap while you are brushing teeth – you don’t need water during that. And think about installing a low flow showerhead. Not too hard, right?

No matter how small of a step toward Green Home you take, it is big enough. So, don’t hesitate – go for it!

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