3 Environmental Concerns When Seeking a Location for Your Rural Home

Rural environments can provide home and property owners with the means to get away from the stress and noise of city life. While country living has a great deal to offer, there are also a number of unique environmental issues that prospective homeowners and real estate investors may not be expecting. From a time share or investment property to a full-time residence, there are a number of concerns that would-be homeowners would do well to address.

Erosion and Runoff

Homeowners who are only familiar with the problems found within municipal neighborhoods and urban environments may be in for a rude surprise the first time it rains. Natural settings can experience a great deal of variance in terms of drainage and storm-water runoff. Landscaping improvements that can provide upgraded drainage for lawns and outdoor environments as well as the soil stabilization that may be required in order to make sure roads can get to your house and address issues related to erosion could be of tremendous importance. From having to deal with standing water to the risks of flood damage or sinkholes, excessive erosion may prove to be a more serious issue than homeowners might suspect.

Road Quality

A flooded road can lead to all sorts of complications, especially for homes that are located in remote areas. Even driveways, walkways and other hardscaped areas of the surrounding environment may be susceptible to flooding or could be damaged due to soil erosion. Pavement, asphalt and other handscaping materials can cause all sorts of issues due to the weight place on surrounding soil as well as the ways in which a nonporous surface may impact water-flow and drainage. A professional survey or appraisal of the property may be necessary in order to identify any potential issues.

Underground Cables and Storage Tanks

Underground equipment is another potential issue that rural property owners may be required to address. Cables and old storage tanks that may have fallen into a state of disrepair can be a real pain to deal with. Taking steps to learn more about any underground equipment that may be located in or around the property can often be well worth the time and effort involved.

Addressing Any Problems That May Arise

Problems causes by rapid soil erosion or instability are not issues to be taken lightly. Factoring in the repair or upgrade costs that may be needed into the purchase price of a home or property will help to ensure you get a fair price.

Seeking out professional service providers in order to determine the scope of any potential problems as well as what may be required to deal with them is always something that is best done before closing the deal on a new country home.

Kara Mastersonthe author of this post, is a freelance writer from Utah.

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