The USA Is Only 39% Energy Efficient: 4 Steps to Help Increase That Stat

As a whole the US is only 39% energy efficient. What this means in a nutshell is that approximately 61% of the energy generated is wasted. This includes both your home and your workplace. Here are some solutions to help you increase your energy efficiency.

Invest in Solar Solutions

Generating your own power is one way that you can contribute to becoming more energy independent. Solar panels can be installed at either your home or your workplace. Many users find that they create more power than they actually use. This means that they can sell their excess power back to the electric company. There are still tax incentives that are available for those that install solar panels. You may find yourself being more careful with your usage if you have an incentive to use it more wisely.

Upgrade Windows and Doors

Windows are doors that aren’t energy efficient allow a large amount of air exchange. A drafty door is a sign that it’s time for either more weather-stripping or a new door. Replacement entry doors are another way that you can cut down on wasted energy. You don’t want all of your warm or cold air leaking outside. This doesn’t serve the benefits of your home or workplace. Windows present a similar situation. Upgrading your windows can dramatically save on your heating and cooling costs.

Install Motion Light Sensors

There’s no need to have the lights on in a room that no one is using. If you family or your family struggle with remembering to turn the lights off when they leave the room, install a motion sensor. This sensor will automatically turn the lights off if it doesn’t sense motion in the room. Many office buildings are moving towards installing these sensors because of the cost savings. Having them in your home can also help to cut down on wasted energy.

Service Your HVAC Unit

A poorly running HVAC unit wastes tons of energy each year. Having this unit serviced on an annual basis can help to keep it running at peak capacity. Another thing to check into is having your ducts cleaned and sealed. This can ensure that the air is getting to the areas that you want and not dead space. Change out your air filter on a monthly basis as a part of keeping your HVAC running smoothly. Taking care of this will save on the amount of energy that your household wastes.

There are lots of little ways that you can save energy every day. Using energy smarter can help to increase the energy efficiency of the US.

Hannah Whittenly, the author of this post, is a guest blogger.

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