4 Ways Energy-Efficient Practices Can Help Your Business Save Money

One of the most frequent ongoing questions in any business is how to save money? Typically, streamlining certain processes and outsourcing certain jobs are the first ideas that come to mind. But businesses that attempt to get ahead of the competition are more frequently looking to energy consumption as a major way to reduce costs and save money. So, what are four ways that energy efficient practices can help your business save money?

  • By Making the Switch to Solar
  • By Swapping Traditional Lighting to LED
  • By Installing New Energy Efficient Technology
  • By Installing Room Occupancy Sensors

By Making the Switch to Solar

Solar energy is one of the best ways to save money for a business. For every kilowatt hour that the business generates for itself, this is one less kilowatt hour that a company must pay their local utility. In addition to saving money, the business will also become more environmentally friendly and begin reporting annual sustainability reports.

By Swapping Traditional Lighting to LED

Lighting can be one of the single greatest portions of an energy bill. To help reduce this percentage, consider upgrading existing lighting to LED’s. LED’s are able to produce the same amount, if not more light, than traditional lights while using much less energy.

By Installing New Energy Efficient Technology

For major businesses, one of the biggest energy consumers is the large machinery and other technology. By performing a Maximum Achievable Control Technology or MACT audit, businesses can quickly identify their baseline of emissions from their existing technology used to either create a product or perform a particular task. Once this baseline level is known, steps can be taken to reduce carbon emissions. The reduction of carbon emissions will also lead to the reduction of energy use saving money for the company each month.

By Installing Room Occupancy Sensors

In many rarely used rooms, like conference rooms, leaving lights on are a quick way run up energy bills. To prevent this, consider installing room occupancy sensors which take note of whether there is movement in the room or not and turns off lights if no one is in the room for an extended period of time.

The lower the energy bills of a business are, the more expendable revenue they have to spend on other things like raises for workers and upgrades to the business. By implementing one or more of these suggestions, your business is well on its way to immense energy savings.

  • Emma Sturgis, the author, is a freelance writer from Boston, MA.

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