5 Eco-friendly Home Additions to Implement This Year

Planning a household remodel? It’s the perfect opportunity to go green. Eco-friendly choices can not only create a healthier and happier home for your family, but can save you money. Here you’ll find a few environment-conscious options you can add to your home.

Tankless Water Heater

This type of system heats your water on demand using electricity or gas. It can save energy or fuel over time because there isn’t a tank of water that needs to be kept constantly at a hot temperature. Using less power puts less stress on the environment. Another benefit is that you’ll never run out of hot water.

Eco-friendly Floors

You can have beautiful floors without contributing to deforestation or production of harmful byproducts. Instead of carpet and precious hardwoods, consider reclaimed wood. It’s much cheaper and can still be sanded and stained to any finish you like. You should also consider recycled tile, sustainable marmoleum, or bamboo, a wood that’s easily replaced in nature since it matures in about three years.

Solar Panels

People still tend to see these as bulky, inefficient, and expensive, but that’s no longer true. The technology has progressed to panels that are much lighter, cheaper, and more efficient. Solar companies can install any configuration that’s right for your home and budget. You may also qualify for rebates or tax breaks. If you’re willing to make the investment, you can have solar energy that reduces or eliminates your electricity needs for many years to come.

Smart Lights, Fresh Air

Installing smart lighting systems in your home will help you save on power consumption. You should also consider adding larger windows, or bi-fold doors overlooking your patio or balcony. These will not only let in more healthy sunlight, but the folding doors will also admit plenty of fresh air when you need it.

Reflective Roofs

Particularly if you live in warmer southern climates, white roofs can reduce your AC demands in summer by reflecting sunlight away from your home. Reflective or white roofing materials can be installed on your home, such as white tiles, plasticized or rubber-based panels, durable metal, or traditional asphalt.

Green living is becoming important in a world with rising populations and environmental stress. Most people don’t have the opportunity to move into a truly green home, but with these ideas you can do your part. In the end, you’ll have a more comfortable home and a little more cash in the bank.

Dixie Somers, the author of this post, is a Freelance Writer.

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