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4 Ways Cities Can Make Their Power Greener and More Sustainable

Becoming a green city involves employing several approaches. Urban planning and strict enforcement of regulations is the first place to start. Here are some other ways that cities can start down the path to sustainability.

Invest in Renewable Energy Sources

There are many different types of renewable energy sources. They include wind, solar, water, geothermal, gases, and waste incineration. Each city has its own unique geography. This will play a part in what and how many types of renewable energy forms can be utilized. These forms of energy are sustainable, and don’t create the same carbon footprint as the more standard forms of generating power. This is a good jumping off point for a city to become greener.

Use Unique Solutions for Industry

Industry tends to use a large amount of power. By investing in industrial transformers, energy can be converted from a lower voltage into the higher voltage that is required to power equipment. This will allow many industries to use more renewable sources of energy without experiencing a loss in production. Some companies, like Solomon Corporation, know that there are several types of industrial transformers, depending on the application. This will provide a solution for many industries to reduce their carbon footprint.

Focus on Reducing Waste

In order for a city to become more sustainable, the population needs to focus on reducing the amount of waste that they generate. Having a recycling program in place cuts down on the quantity of waste that enters the landfill. This practice starts in your home. Another part to this is supporting companies that are more eco-friendly. By purchasing from these types of companies, you are sending a message that you care about the environment. You also need to participate in your city’s recycling programs in order for it to be successful.

Provide Strong Public Transit System

Some of the most sustainable cities have a public transit system that is widely used. This reduces the amount of exhaust that enters the environment. It also cuts down on the amount of congestion on the road. Cities can make this system more sustainable by pairing it with renewable energy sources. Electric trains and other modes of transport that don’t rely on fossil fuels make the city greener. Encouraging the public to use the public transit system will make it more successful. Offering easy access as well as an simplified system of payment make it friendlier to the public.

Cities need to put programs into place that are more sustainable in nature. You can do your part by supporting these programs. The city also needs input from its citizens in order to take the next step.

Rachelle Wilber,  the author of this post, is a freelance writer from San Diego, California

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