How to Make Sure Your AC Unit is Giving You the Best Indoor Air Quality

Are you sure your AC unit is giving you the best possible indoor air quality? It’s important that you ensure that the AC unit in your home or office is offering occupants the best indoor air quality. Here are a few tips so you can make sure your AC unit is offering you clean, fresh air.

Get the System Inspected

First, you should make sure that the system is getting regularly inspected. Although this may not seem like a fun process, it’s essential to make sure it is working functionally. Fortunately, hiring an AC technician is easier than it sounds and typically getting your unit inspected won’t cost a lot of money. But, you should be sure to get your AC unit inspected every year.

Clean the Vents and Filters

After you’ve gotten your AC unit inspected, you should clean out the vents and filters. Once these parts of your AC unit become clogged, you won’t be able to cycle clean air through. If the filters are too clogged, consider buying new ones, but vents are easy to clean with just plain old water. Just make sure you turn off and unplug the AC unit before cleaning these parts. The last thing you want to do is lose a finger by trying to clean the unit when it’s on.

Upgrade the HVAC System

If your current HVAC system is old and outdated, you may not be getting the best air quality. Yes, you can clean it and perform preventative maintenance, but sometimes the best thing you can do is replace it with a newer model. One great option to consider is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, which provides the best indoor air quality.

Buy an Air Purifier

Sometimes, your AC unit needs a helping hand to keep the air in your home clean. This is where an air purifier can help. This is a separate device that will help to remove toxins and irritants from the home and keep the air healthy and clean. The air purifier should be used in addition to your properly maintained AC unit.

It’s important that you have a functional AC unit in your home or office offering you the best indoor air quality. Although it can be hard to tell by just eyeballing your unit, by getting it inspected and cleaning out the unit, you can ensure it’s cycling clean air. If your unit is too old to work properly, consider upgrading your HVAC system, or buy an air purifier to help it run more efficiently.

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