4 Ways to Seamlessly Integrate Environment-Friendly Elements to Your Home

While annual events like Earth Day remind us of the importance of living in an environmentally friendly way, to make long-term progress on this important issue, we need to focus on the subject more often. Ideally, we focus on it each day. If you’d like to do more than you are now, one simple way to do this is by making sure your home is more environmentally friendly. Here are a couple of ways you can make this happen.


One simple way to incorporate this into your day and your home life is to recycle. Each time you put your trash in the right receptacle or in the compost pile, you’re cutting down on the amount of trash that goes in the landfill. Additionally, sorting your trash means that materials, like glass and paper, can get used again.

Solar Panels

If your budget allows, think about investing in solar panels to power your home. By going solar, you’ll help to keep the environment clean and keep big energy bills at bay. There are also plenty of options for solar panels from the kind that go on your roof to the kind you can set up in your yard. That said, putting the panels on your roof clears space on your lawn and allows the panels to get more direct sunlight.

Plant Trees

Having a yard full of shade trees does wonders for your electric bill. It also offers you a natural way to reduce your carbon footprint. Large shade trees prevent direct sunlight from coming into your windows and glass doors. Overall, you’ll find that your AC bill will likely go down in the summer if you have mature trees in the yard.

Unplug Electronics

You’d be surprised how much energy you save just from unplugging your computer and other electronics. According to How Stuff Works, most Americans would save at least $100 a year if they just unplugged appliances that aren’t in use. This can also include chargers, televisions, and smarthubs for phones. The easiest way to do this is to connect your devices to a power strip with a switch that you can flip on and off as needed.

To make a real impact on the environment, it’s important that each of us be conscious of the amount of energy we use in our homes each day. Fortunately, there are many ways to be environmentally friendly at home from unplugging appliances that we don’t use to installing solar panels. Try one or more of them and see how much energy you save each year.

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