4 Careers That Will Help You Solve the World’s Environmental Issues

If Earth Day is your favorite holiday, you obsessively recycle, and you drive a hybrid car, chances are you consider yourself an environmentalist. Adopting green living habits in your daily life is a great step in protecting the planet. If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to do more, there are many careers  you can pursue that will help you make a difference.

1. Become an Oceanographer

When you think of environmentally-conscience careers, being a scientist is probably the first one you think of. Since Earth is mostly water, oceanography is a great option for studying the environment. You can choose to look at everything from ecology, geology, or even zoology. Oceanographers can tell us important information about plate tectonics, weather patterns, and pollution. From saving the Great Barrier Reef to tracking climate change, oceanographers provide some of the best information we have to protect the planet.

2. Drive a Bus

Driving a bus and being eco-friendly might sound like a contradiction, but the opposite is actually true. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, more and more people are ditching their cars and turning to public transportation. Since many cities lack the infrastructure for trains or subways, buses provide an easy way for people to cut back on their carbon emissions. In fact, bus drivers are considered to be in high demand, with a predicted increase in need in coming years. The best part is that unlike many other careers, driving a bus doesn’t require years of experience.

3. Design Green Architecture

In our ever-growing world, there is always a need for architects. Whether you’re designing skyscrapers, building homes, or refurbishing old buildings, architects can help the environment in many ways. Building with energy efficient materials can help lower the occupants’ energy consumption. Buildings can even be made using recycled materials, keeping waste out of landfills. Creativity in this job is key.

4. Practice Environmental Law

If you’d prefer to be on the advocacy side of conservation, consider a career in environmental and energy law. You’ll be able to fight for cleaner air, less pollution, and sustainable energy. You could even become a politician and help draft environmental legislation. You’ll want to attend one of the top energy law schools to have the greatest impact. Once you start your practice, you’ll be able to advocate for a healthier, more sustainable world for all.

If you’re passionate about conservation, pursuing a green career should be a no-brainer. There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve dedicated your life to protecting the planet.

Hannah Whittenly, the author of this post, is a guest blogger.

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