4 Careers that Document Green Living around the World

As the sustainability movement grows, there are more careers emerging that revolve around green living. Colleges are jumping on the band wagon. They’re offering courses that train individuals to enter these lines of work. Here are a few of the careers that you can enter that work towards promoting the concept of green living.

Eco-Tourism Guide

An eco-tourism guide is essentially a tour guide. The only difference is that this person is trained to do so in an environmentally conscious manner. They arrange and guide groups on trips with the focus of appreciating the wonders of the world around them. One of the focuses of study is ecology. They also focus on cultural anthropology and environmental sustainability.

Many of these people get jobs working for museums. Their job function is to excite people about the many great things that the world has to offer in terms of the environment. Eco-tourism guides plan trips in an ethical manner. Permits may be obtained to explore some of the more endangered places on Earth. In this role, you can travel to these locations or choose to work in one place.

Naturalist Photographer

Photographers have long been documenting what is occurring around them. A naturalist photographer focuses on the environment. Many choose to document how the environment is being affected by humans. In this way, people can be made aware of what they are losing by continuing down this destructive path.

Awareness is a part of the green living movement. It’s hard to ignore what is being shown to you. It is important for a successful photographer to have the right equipment. Cameras and a backpack to carry all of your equipment into areas that may be hard to reach are a requirement. Consider purchasing a photography backpack that is made of natural fibers.

Naturalist photographers are also working to benefit the green movement. They document the advances that people are taking for the environment. Tiny homes and unique ways to reduce the carbon footprint are a part of what they photograph.

Sustainability Specialist

The purpose of a sustainability specialist is to show others the benefit of moving towards a more green way of conducting business. This job focuses on teaching businesses and governmental organizations ways to obtain their green certifications. They crunch the numbers and develop plans to help make the organization realize a more environmentally friendly way of doing business. One of their areas of focus is to work as an outreach advocate.

Many work in corporate branding programs and in the development of business ethics. Environmental science majors do well in this line of work. It is also beneficial to have an understanding of environmental law. This is the most effective combination that you would need to be considered as an sustainability specialist.

Environmental Public Relations Specialist

A career in public relations involves letting people know about your message. An environmental public relations specialist works towards advancing the message of reducing pollution. They develop campaigns that will appeal to the average person. Many of the areas of focus for getting into this career involve studying science. This gives you the ability to understand scientific facts that have been published.

Having a strong background in communications and the ability to present research material can also come in handy. This will allow you to be able to communicate more effectively in order to push your message. The majority of people in this field work within an office environment. Their goal is educating the public of the need to become more green in their day to day lives.

There are more careers that are available that advance the green living movement. As this trend becomes more prevalent, more career choices will become available. Becoming more green is part of being a good steward for the Earth.

Rachelle Wilber,  the author of this post, is a freelance writer from San Diego, California

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