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The Future of Solar Energy – What Lies Ahead


Solar energy is usually the first thing people mention when talking about eco-friendly environments. Rightfully so, since the planet gets 173,000 terawatts of energy annually from the sun alone. And that surpasses human needs by 10,000 times at least.

Solar panels are not as expensive as they used to be which makes them economically available fora larger group of the population. For the last ten years, their price dropped by 50% and will continue to fall in the future. The experts predict that 20% of the energy will come from solar panels by 2027, which will change the Earth to an important degree.

This means that the importance of harvesting solar energy has finally gained the attention it deserves. So, what does it mean for the future of solar energy? Well, it seems that some interesting things lie ahead that will help us improve the environment and become more ecologically responsible.

Floating solar farms

In some countries, the lack of land space to develop solar farms has created an interesting solution. Instead of using land, the more appropriate approach would be to create floating solar farms which is just what has been happening off the coast of the UK.

Although this is not a new technology and has been in the development since 2011, the emerging need for an eco-friendly solution may make it more of a reality. Even now, there are projects currently working on floating farms in China, India, France, and Japan.

Wireless solar power from space


Japanese Space Agency is working on the Space Solar Power Systems project that should make possible to install solar panels in near-Earth orbit. That way, the efficiency and collection of power would be increased due to the fact that solar energy is raw. After the collection, the energy will be transmitted wirelessly to the plant and redistributed from there.

This project carries a lot of potentials and it could revolutionize the way we perceive energy supply and consumption. 

The rise of the professional service

One of the biggest problems with solar energy was finding professionals who are familiar with the technology and how to install it. Besides installing the panels, you also need to connect your home to the solar energy grid and do it properly. However, today, the number of businesses who deal with solar products and services is on the rise.

Companies like KDEC Electrical& Solar who believe that “customers deserve a reliable, energy efficient and cost-effective means of creating an easier world” are on the rise because people are more and  more interested in eco-friendly home solutions. If this trend persists, it will only make solar energy increasingly available to any household that wants to use it.

The emergence of the bio-solar cells


For a while now, scientists have been working on developing solar cells with biological material. Namely, use bacteria like cyanobacteria to more easily power wireless devices. While their efficiency is still not developed as photovoltaic cells, this technology may very well be the future of solar energy.

Furthermore, some researchers believe that using these so-called bio-solar cells will make the use of solar energy in remote areas easier. They especially point out to the fact that the users of the bio-solar cells would be relieved from the burden of replacing the batteries frequently. This is especially significant since in some areas this is not practical and thus the use of solar energy is still a wishful thinking. 

In the end

A decade ago,solar energy was scarce and expensive, but today it is more available and affordable. And with scientific community constantly working on improvements,the future of solar energy looks bright.

Hannah Thomas, the author of this post, is a gardening and home decor enthusiast.

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