Benefits of Installing an Artificial Turf with a Brief Buying Guide

Artificial Turf

Artificial turfis a surface with human-made synthetic fibers. It exactly looks like the naturally grown grass. It was first seen in 1966 in the Houston Astrodome sports stadium. Ever since then, it has only gained more and more popularity. However, the modern synthetic turfs look and feel nothing like the “Astroturf”. Even sometimes, you will not be able to differentiate between the original and artificial grass.  

Initially, it was used for sports purposes only in football fields, golf courts, etc. By nowadays it is being used very commonly in home-lawns, roof gardens, in different commercial places like shopping complexes, restaurants, etc. These are made in the same way as the carpets and are available in different fiber lengths and sizes.   

Benefits of Using Artificial Turf  

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance – One of the most important benefits of installing artificial grass is that they do not need the hustle of high maintenance like the natural grass. For irrigation, it comes with vents underneath which excretes the water. It would be best if you swept to remove the leaves and waste.   
  • No More Mud And Puddles – We carry a lot of dirt after roaming and playing in the naturally grown fields in our shoes which can be very irritating at times. But with this artificial grass, there is no question of muds and puddles.   
  • Cost-Effective – The artificial grasses are a very cost-friendly option for decorating your lawns as compared to the other options.
  • Colour Longevity – The color of the real grass keeps changing with every season, which does not happen with artificial grass. It holds the mesmerizing vibrant green color throughout the year.   
  • Eco-Friendly – It does not contribute to air pollution as there is no need for any machine for mowing or other maintenance purposes. Moreover, there is no need for the application of pesticides or artificial fertilizers.  
Artificial Turf

Buying Guide

  • Good Endurance: Different household and commercial places have other requirements and usages. So, it would be best if you buy a product with good endurance to many factors so that you can enjoy the grass for an extended period. 
  • Lush and Full: The length of the synthetic fibers is referred to as the pile height. If you want an appearance of a luxurious lush green grass, then you should opt for artificial turfwith greater pile height. However, it is essential to keep regularly sweeping to stop the long blades from flattening.   
  • Durable: The density of the blades determines the durability of the grass. More thickness ensures better durability. But remember that it will be a bit more expensive. If your budget does not permit you to go higher, you can always increase the infill at any later stage.  
  • Has Weight: One more thing that determines the quality of your artificial turfis the weight of the product. Better quality turfs always weigh more. However, you better check the weight-bearing capacity of your house before deciding on the load.   
  • Weather-resistant: Exposure to the sun can cause fading of the color of the turf, or it can even melt down the material if you do not invest in the right quality product. So, it is essential to invest in a high-quality product with better UV protection.  
  • Has realistic colors: These turfs now come in many different colors as well. Buy the synthetic grass with varying shades of green to acquire the most realistic look of the real and natural grass.

Concluding Words

When purchasing, keep all the points in the buying guide in your mind so you can choose the best product that you can enjoy for a long time until you need to redo it again. A whole lot of benefits is awaiting you on the other side. Get your artificial turf today

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