The Green Business: How to Make Your Office Building More Energy Efficient

Making your office building more energy efficient is the next step in becoming a better and more green business. The use of recycled office supplies and being more cloud based in nature are becoming more commonplace. Here are some techniques that you can employ in order to make your office building more energy efficient.

Consider Your Roofing

Your choice of roofing material makes a difference when it comes to how much it costs to maintain the temperature of your office building. Using a reflective type of material will help to lower your cooling costs during the summer months. Use a company like Melton Industries LLC for your roofing needs. This type of company will be able to make your roof the most green that’s possible for your area of the country.

Look to Solar Solutions

Many businesses are taking the next step when it comes to generating their own power supply. Solar panels are fairly easy to install and can power many of the needs of the standard business. The excess power generated may be able to be sold back to the power company. Another perk is that there may be tax incentives to going with a more renewable form of energy.

Invest in Lighting

There are many types of lighting that are more efficient at producing more light while still using less energy. LED bulbs are the current winner when it comes to being able to light a work area and still use a fraction of the energy as older light bulbs. Changing out your lighting fixtures with these newer bulbs will also help to reduce the number of times that you’ll need to replace them over the coming years.

Switch It Off

Rooms that aren’t being used don’t need to have the lights left on in them. Install a motion sensing light switch so that the lights will automatically turn off when they aren’t required. You may find that you reduce your energy costs as well as your energy usage by having this simple type of feature in your office building. Another bonus is that you don’t have to worry about your employees forgetting to turn off the lights at the end of the day.

A green office building isn’t something that’s out of a science fiction novel. You can make your office building more energy efficient just by making a few simple changes. Use these tips to get you started on creating a more energy efficient workplace.

Lizzie Weakley, the author of this post, is a freelance writer.

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