4 Ways Companies Can Take Advantage of Modern Green Incentives

Green incentives are often offered to companies that make a commitment to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. If you’ve taken efforts to go green with our company, you can possibly benefit from these green incentives. Here are four ways that your company can take advantage of modern green incentives.

Tax Breaks

The government is sometimes willing to offer tax incentives to companies that demonstrate greener practices. For example, you might be eligible to write off the amount on your taxes that you spent on purchasing energy-efficient equipment. You may also qualify for tax incentives if you use solar, wind or other renewable energy sources to supply power to your business. The use of eco-friendlier materials in your building’s construction can additionally save your business money on taxes.

Selling Scrap Metal

Going green can also provide another stream of revenue for you if you sell your scrap metal. Instead of disposing of your scrap metal in landfills or other environmentally hazardous ways, you can sell it to a buyer that will repurpose it to be used by other businesses. Aluminum can be especially valuable, metal merchants today are especially interested in any aluminum scrap or parts that you don’t want anymore. Not only is this more environmentally responsible, but it also helps you get money back from what otherwise would be total losses.

Increased Popularity with Customers

Many of your customers will appreciate your company’s environmental responsibility and be likelier to do long-term business with you. A great way to make people aware of your company’s green efforts is by advertising the fact in your business marketing campaigns. Print ads, commercials, social media pages and other methods that you use to get more business can include details of how exactly your company helps preserve the planet.

Save Money on Reduced Waste

Having excessive waste could cost your business a lot of money. By finding ways to reuse items that might normally be disposed of, you won’t have to invest the extra expense into getting rid of it. In addition to recycling and reusing paper products and similar materials, you can possibly save money by setting up a compost bin in your company’s breakroom for throwing away certain foods and other items that can then be used to fertilize the soil around your business location. Finding ways to reduce waste can also save you money on packaging and other production means.

There are many advantages to going green. By making sure that your company does its part to help the planet, you’ll likely see greener profits.

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