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What Is Air Pollution and What Are the Steps for Air Pollution Control?

Air contamination or air pollution refers to the pollution of air and it can be both indoor and outdoor. When there are physical changes in the air, there results a contamination. Air pollution occurs when dust, dirt, harmful gases or smoke pollutes the environment. There are various causes of air pollution like burning fossil fuel, poisonous fumes emitted from industries and factories, indoor air contamination, and so on. There may be several causes behind air pollution and we must take measures for air pollution control.

Dangers of air pollution wreaks havoc across the globe and take a toll over the health of plants, people and animals. Everyone has the right to breathe in clean and pure air. To ensure this we must fight out air pollution. Humans, animals, trees and plants require clean air to breathe in. If the air is not clean, there can be breathing problems. Poor water quality and air quality leads to dangerous situations. Anything contaminating the air such that it becomes dangerous to breath is considered an air pollutant.

Some Ways to Control Air Pollution

It is already an established fact how carbon filters help to purify the air. It traps dirt, dust, allergens and makes the surrounding air clean. Other easy and natural ways for air pollution control are as follows:

  • To reduce contamination of air, we can use public transport and avoid having personal vehicles. If the number of vehicles plying on the road decreases, there will be less air contamination.
  • When you move out of the room, switch off fans and lights. Saving and conserving energy is the way to air pollution control. You help the earth by avoiding the use of nonrenewable sources of energy
  • CFL light is the way to saving on power. CFL lights use very less power when compared to conventional lights. They not only devour less power but also emit less of heat into the air. By using CFL lights, you may diminish contamination. It will also help save up on the energy bills.

Protect the Forest

Conserving forest, plants, trees can put a tab on air pollution. It is important to protect the forest cover. Protecting forests is the way to ensuring clean and pure air. The quality of air stays intact when the forest is protected. We should plant more and more trees to improve air quality. Rapid urbanization is the leading cause of air pollution. To construct homes and industries, a lot of trees are cut daily. You already know that trees absorb carbon dioxide and if there aren’t enough trees, there will be more CO2 causing more pollution. If trees are cut down, we won’t have enough Oxygen to breathe.

Redesign Automobile Engines

Engines emitting black fumes are very dangerous. Black fumes imply more carbon or soot that causes air pollution. If your engine is old and emitting black fumes, it is time to redesign the engine. Redesign the engine in a way that emissions are kept to a minimum. An old automobile engine needs to be replaced with the new one. If you must travel short distances, avoid using your personal vehicle and go walking. You can also share the vehicle more often.

There are innumerable ways to control air pollution. The best and the easy ones are mentioned above. Industrial areas should be away from residential spaces. Use smoke free and newly designed furnaces. Use cheap devices that help to purify air and control air pollution.

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