How to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint When Getting a New Car

Do you want to be as environmentally friendly as you can when you make large purchases? Shopping for a car can be daunting because of the cost to make new vehicles. We give you four ideas to lessen your impact on the Earth and get a better ride in the process. 

Go Hybrid

By choosing a car or van with electric and fuel capabilities, you can save money on fuel costs when going under a certain speed. When you need the extra power or have to travel a long way, the fuel tank is a backup to ensure you get where you need without worrying about finding a charging station to juice up your car for the next part of the trip. Did you know between the fuel savings and dealer incentives, you can get an electric vehicle cheap?

Keep it Maintained

By following the manufacturer’s instructions for replacing spark plugs, changing the oil, and installing new air filters, you can keep your car running optimally. Other things to replace regularly include brake pads, tires, and fuel filters. With proper care and operation, your car can run efficiently, saving you money and reducing emissions per mile.

Get Paid to Recycle

Most junkyards will tow your vehicle for a fee. If you can get a way to transport your old car, then the scrapyard will pay you for the metal. The heavier the vehicle, the more money you make by recycling your car. Instead of simply crushing it, a recycling company separates the aluminum and steel and recycles the materials letting you help the environment and put some extra cash towards your next car. When you need money for your junk car, opt for the car recycling company instead of the junkyard. 

Aim for Older

By selecting a car that is just a few model years old, you can help the planet more. Manufacturing a new car accounts for about a third of the energy expenditure per car. By opting for used or even unused but older, you can avoid a third of the greenhouse emissions for your vehicle by cutting out the manufacturing process. 

Helping the environment is easy even as an individual. By wisely recycling and replacing your car, you can make a huge impact on the Earth. Take the time to look into your new vehicle options so that you can optimize your environmental savings.

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