Green Cars: Saving Your Pocket and the Environment

We now live in a world where the calls are being made with a touch of a button, instead of telegrams or writing letters, we are now sending text messages to each other that is sent within a second, instantly. Unlike the era of the ‘70s or ‘80s, a lot of has changed over the time of three to four decades. Same as the revolution or should I say evolution in the automobile making.

The vehicles that are now being made are in the most diverse range and one of the most eco-friendly and cost-effective for the consumer. Green cars have become the prime examples of Philip Kotler’s 6 needs, that is the real need.

‘The need that has low operating cost but has an expensive initial cost’.

Considering that, most people will happily pay for the initial high cost when they know it will pay-off over time.

Green cars have revolutionized the whole automobile manufacturing industry, by being one of the most innovative with less harmful exhaust gas to the environment. There are many major impacts that Green cars have brought to the modern era, some of them are as follows:

No Need for Foreign Oil

One of the most common reasons why green cars are necessary now more than ever is the US dependency of oil from foreign countries, mainly the Middle East. This means that the US doesn’t have to rely on the mercy of foreign countries for the oil. These green cars will be the ultimate factor and one-way ticket from the huge levy imposed by these countries. This is happening now.

The consumption of oil in the US has been decreased significantly. CNN reports, significant shrinkage of oil consumption from the last decade. If this keeps up and goes as the statistics have predicted, we are sure to be independent of the shackles of having on the mercy of these foreign countries.

Low Operating Cost

As we have discussed before, these automobiles may surely have an expensive initial cost. However, these steep costs will pay-off over a period of time because of its low operating cost. If you have bought a vehicle for a longer period of time, it will be the most beneficial to a buy a Green car, such as hybrid, plug-in or an electric motor vehicle. Once you have bought your desired green car, you just need to find a reliable auto transport  to ship your vehicle.

Fuel Efficient

Owning a Green car doesn’t mean that you will have fewer visits to the gas stations. No, my friend, this will also increase the mileage of your vehicle. Hybrid or an electric vehicle are fuel-efficient and cost-reductive and goes on for miles on limited fuel.

On a related note, Tesla has also launched last November its semi-electric auto transport truck.

Lower Insurance Cost

Not only do the green cars save the environment but it saves your pocket as well. There are numerous states who give out extra incentives to green car owners. Such as is the state of North Carolina, that offers people owning green cars with various incentives. The state encourages its residents to pursue and own green cars by rewarding them with lower insurance cost and a number of tax credits. The other states that offer incentives to with residence are the state of Colorado, Connecticut and Louisiana.

Since this alternate fuel is the thing of late 2000s, there is still a long way to go for these green cars. As time goes on, there will be more electric and plug-in gas stations on the streets and the neighbourhood, specifically designed for these vehicles.

However, there are still many gas stations who offer alternative fuel to hybrid, plug-in and electric cars. You can also charge your electric or plug-in at home as well. This adaptability of gaining resources is the inherent key to the rise in the purchase of green cars.

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