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Synthetic Turf: Saving Your Money and Helping the Environment

Who doesn’t want to have a perfect-looking home? A picture-perfect home with lush, green grass and home with great design and excellent paint color. You can achieve this house with the right maintenance. However, seasons can damage your house.

You can quickly change your exterior paint, or repair your roof if necessary. The grass on your lawn is another thing. You can’t control what happens to it when the seasons change or if pests live in it.

Now, synthetic grass makes your lawn maintenance hassle-free. Read on to know the benefits of artificial turf, and why you should have it installed in your home.

Water Conservation

Synthetic grass saves a lot of water because it doesn’t need constant watering, unlike natural grass. A square foot of artificial turf saves approximately 55 gallons of water yearly since landscape irrigation takes up one-third of residential water consumption.

You only need to clean it by using a hose to wash off the dirt. That’s the only instance that you need to use water for it, making it an efficient way to save water.

Eliminate Pesticides

Synthetic grass is safe for the family because it doesn’t need pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals to keep it healthy. Pests also ignore it because it’s not a food source for them, and they can’t even live in fake grass.

Low Maintenance

If you hate mowing the lawn, synthetic grass is perfect for you because it eliminates the need for mowing. Also, you can save time for the things that you love doing.

Synthetic turf needs maintenance, but it’s more trouble-free than maintaining natural grass. You’ll need a leaf blower or a bristle broom. Spray it with water for clinging dirt.

It also helps you save money because you don’t need to buy equipment or chemicals for maintenance. You can use household cleaning materials to maintain your lawn.

More Durable

Real grass needs regular watering and maintenance for best appearance, unlike synthetic turf. It can maintain its original state for years. The materials used for artificial grass are high-quality and can last against weather changes and constant traffic.

Less Pollution

Since you don’t need equipment to maintain your garden, emissions produced by equipment are lessened. Using a gas mower for 1 hour creates the same amount of pollutants as eight new cars. The pollutants from lawn mowers contribute to smog and can affect plant and human health.

Natural Appearance

Synthetic grass sold by sites like G Store look like real grass with only subtle differences. You also don’t need to worry about fading color because artificial turf is UV stabilized for color protection. Real grass can be affected by changing seasons while synthetic grass remains the same no matter what the weather or season comes.


Weeds can grow on a lawn with synthetic turf, but it’s not as troublesome as natural grass. With natural grass, weeds are persistent pests that can ruin your lawn’s appearance. Aside from maintenance, you also have to keep looking out for weeds. You have to spend a lot of time and money to make sure that your garden looks perfect.


Having the perfect lawn isn’t impossible anymore because of synthetic turf. Aside from making your home look beautiful, it offers a lot of other benefits. You can save gallons of water, you can free your home from harmful chemicals,  and you can reduce the pollutants produced by lawn mowers since you don’t need to mow your lawn anymore.

Synthetic grass also looks like real grass. However, it’s more durable, so you don’t need to keep replacing it. Artificial turf can also stop the weeds from growing on your lawn, efficiently reducing your time for lawn maintenance. You’ll have more time with your loved ones and the things which you enjoy doing.

Andy Lim, the author of this post, is a writer and blogger. She loves to write about home improvement, travel, health, food, and business and finance. In her free time, Andy takes her dog named Ben for a stroll in the park.

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