4 Ways to Implement Better Insulation Processes in Your Home or Office

Did you know that around 50% of all the heat or air conditioning can easily escape your home if it doesn’t have the proper insulation? This can lead to a massive increase in energy bills that is going to waste. However, there are many simple ways that you can better insulate your home or office to save money on your energy bills and keep your house warmer or cooler for less electric.

Ensure Proper Insulation in the Attic

Many homes, especially older ones, simply don’t have the proper insulation in the attic. Even if you have zero experience in doing repairs around your home, you can easily utilize simple fiberglass wool covering to cover any places where air may be escaping. You can simply fill all the gaps. This wool covering is very inexpensive, typically costing right around $5 per square meter. This material is quite thick and is also typically made from recycled material.

Consider Double Glazing

Double glazing your windows is a very simple way to greatly increase beneficial insulation in your home. It simply consists of adding and additional glass pane that is separated from the initial glass pane. While these are a bit more of an investment than some of the other option, the savings in lost heat or air conditioning will pay off in lower energy bills quite quickly.

Use Window Décor for Additional Insulation

You can increase insulation on windows or glass doors by simply using thicker window treatments (curtains) that will help to keep your AC or heat in and the outdoor elements out. There are even specialized options that are specifically made to provide better insulation in your home. You can research these online or simply ask an employee at your local home goods store.

Fill in Floors and Doors

There are often gaps in floorboards or doors that lead to energy loss, running up your electric bills. You can fill these in a variety of ways. You can use a simple silicone sealant to fill in any gaps. You can also purchase a rug that runs directly up against the door if your door swings outward.

These are just a few of the very simple ways that you can add better insulation to your home and office. Another way is to get a simple cover for your feed water tank. This is basically a jacket that insulates it. In today’s world, we typically are running either the air conditioning or the heating system most days of the year. This makes increasing insulation more important than ever.

  • Emma Sturgis, the author, is a freelance writer from Boston, MA.

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