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Going Green: 4 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

You can make any number of changes to your home to make a significant and positive impact on the environment, your wallet and your quality of life. Some changes will take more of an initial investment; whereas, others will only involve slight changes to your daily habits. The good news is that all changes will save you money and protect the environment. Here are just 4 ways you can give back to the environment, and to yourself.

Eco-Friendly Roof 

Choose materials that are lighter in color or made of metal. Believe it or not, this will increase the energy efficiency of your home by reflecting the sun’s rays, allowing your heating and cooling system more freedom in regulating your home temperature. A professional roofing contractor can also give you access to reclaimed tiles and recycled materials, which are also quite popular and highly effective as roofing materials. You might even choose a green roof, which is literally a planted roof that reduces the need for insulation, minimizes rain runoff, and cleans the air around your home. Whatever you choose, you’ll find many options available for upgrading the roof of your home to increase your homes energy efficiency and durability.

No Food Waste 

Aim to eliminate food waste in your cooking habits. Plan your meals each week around the food you have to use in your fridge and your pantry before you go shopping, and buy only what you need for that week. Busy families and professionals often dedicate a few hours each weekend to meal prep for the week, creating pre-prepared meals with a schedule of when they are eaten. This prevents food from going bad in the back of the fridge, forgotten, and helps maintain awareness of what food you have. Compost your organic food waste, and recycle everything else that can be to make your waste less wasteful. You can compost outdoors if you have space, or with an indoor compost bin that is safe and legal to have in your home or apartment.

Smart Home Appliances 

The advancement of smart home appliances will make your life more convenient. Program your appliances to operate during the times when energy prices are lowest, such as late at night or weekend mornings. You can raise and lower shades with the sun based on the time of year directly from your phone, increasing your use of natural lighting. You can also control the thermostat and lights to ensure you are not wasting energy and money when you are not home. Do a little research, and you’ll find solutions to help you stay green in a variety of day-to-day responsibilities.

Water Conservation 

With cities running out of fresh water and droughts occurring across the world, water conservation has become more important than ever for both the environment and your utilities cost. If any of your faucets leak, get it repaired immediately. Even a small leak in a faucet can waste 20 gallons of water a day. Even if you don’t have broken faucets, you can still reduce your water consumption more by installing a shower timer to help you curb your shower time. Use a hot water recirculating pump, a hot water booster, or a similar device to eliminate the need to waste cold running water while you wait for it to heat up. This will make water use more convenient for you and more efficient, as well.

Incorporate eco-friendly appliances and new habits one at a time. Every new eco-saving solution is an investment to the planet and to your utilities bill, and so should be implemented with care.

Do thorough research on every solution you find before adding it to your home to ensure that it is used properly and that it will truly produce the desired result. Be smart with how you take care of your home now, and the planet, and your wallet, will thank you in the future.

Anica Oaks, the author of this post, is a freelance writer and web enthusiast

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