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4 Exterior Home Materials to Utilize for a Green Home

Global warming has been one of the significant issues that are dominating headlines every new day as a result of its impacts on the environment. On this regard, there is a concerted campaign for people to adopt green energy, and this has kicked off in many other sectors, such as the motor vehicle industry. There is a need for different sectors, such as the building industry to embrace green technology. The following are some of the naturally sourced materials that builders can use on the exterior of a building to give a green home:

Straw Bales

Conventionally, straw was used to construct roofs of buildings. Today, a roofing contractor will tell you that they are still one of the best materials to use as they are very effective in regulating the house’s temperature. Straw bales are also used to construct the walls of structures, especially those that are used for recreational purposes. Use of straw bales is an effective way of minimizing the use of other industrial manufactured building materials such as concrete, gypsum, and fiberglass. The production of these materials in industries poses an environmental risk, and thus the way to go green is to minimize overreliance on them.

Grass Crete

This is another modern building technique that involves setting the concrete on pavements and exterior floors in such a way that there is a space for the growth of grass and other vegetation. This method enables builders to save on the amount of concrete used. Additionally, it provides room for improved drainage as water can seep downwards via the Grass Crete. Grass Crete creates a perfect blend of natural and artificial construction materials.


This is one of the most trendy construction materials that you will find in many high-end buildings. But do you know that bamboo is one of the cheapest construction materials? Bamboo is, without a doubt, one of the durable materials, have high tensile strength, and are also lightweight in addition to being cheap. Bamboo is the first choice material, especially in areas where there is unavailability of other industrial building materials. Many more people should embrace the use of this material without worrying about its depletion as it is fast growing.


This is a naturally occurring building material that is used to construct permanent structures. The good thing about mycelium is that it is fast to grow as only a suitable media is necessary. This media can be ground up straws, molds, and many other easily accessible media.

  • Emma Sturgis, the author, is a freelance writer from Boston, MA.

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