Eco-Friendly Construction: 4 Ways to Go Green When Building Your House

Every industry needs to be more cognizant of their impact on the world, and the construction industry burns through a lot of fuel and resources. Thankfully, this does not always have to be the case, and you can make a difference during your own home construction. There are strategies you can use to lessen your impact when building a new house. Below are a few ideas you should consider implementing.

Use Reclaimed Wood

One serious threat to the earth is the clearing of forests. Doing so removes natural habitats and lessens the earth’s ability to efficiently recycle carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen. However, you don’t have to give up on wood as a building material for your new home to be eco-friendly. Instead, you can recycle reclaimed wood from existing buildings that have been condemned or abandoned. This can save a lot of money as well.

Install Large Windows Strategically

One of biggest ecological impacts of a home comes from its consumption of energy for heating. However, there are ways you can lessen the need for the use of a furnace. For example, natural sunlight can do the job of helping to heat up a room. This even includes during the coldest months of winter. If you strategically place large windows in the home to absorb a lot of sunlight, you won’t need to have the heat on as much.

Choose Low Flow Fixtures

Humans also waste a lot of water. This is a big problem in states that have issues with droughts like California. If you are looking to better conserve water in your home, consider only installing low flow fixtures and appliances. A low flow toilet, for example, can save 1.28 gallons with each flush. Make sure your faucets and shower heads are graded as low flow as well.

Install Solar Panels

Lastly, you should consider installing solar panels either on your roof or somewhere else on your home where they will have an unobstructed view of the sun. This can help to greatly reduce your energy bills each month. This is especially the case if you live a sunny part of the country. Relying on solar energy will also do a great job of lowering your house’s carbon footprint.

It’s going to take some changes to ensure that the earth’s ecological future is protected. This certainly includes changes in the construction of new buildings. If you are building a new home, try to implement some green strategies and technologies into the design.

  • Lizzie Weakley, the author of this post, is a freelance writer.

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