How Commercial Roofing Contractors Can Go Green

How do you differentiate your brand when you are a commercial business owner that wants to be more environmentally friendly? What affordable options are available to help reduce overhead and become a green provider? Whether you have a plumbing, roofing, or remodeling business, there are a few things you can do to make your company operate greener and save money in the long-run.

Recycle and Buy Used Items

Your business does not need a thousand dollar leather couch or a five hundred dollar desk. These items are easily found on popular social media sites like Craigslist for an affordable price when gently used. To recycle your materials, you can check with local recycling companies or your waste pickup firm to find out what items the business reprocesses. For instance, roofing firms might recycle metal scraps cut off from roof panels after the job is complete.

Donate Leftover Materials to a Community Outreach Program

When you have a job that leaves usable products like old windows, unused portions of paint, or appliances in your truck, then you may want to look around for agencies that help out the less fortunate. Some communities have outreach programs where the firm offers home remodeling items at a stark discount. Your leftover product will go to a good cause, and there is no extra waste to toss in the landfill.

Commercial Roofing Contractors Can Use PCW to Reduce Office Waste

PCW is post-consumer waste. Many office products are easily recycled. The recycling bin is where PCW comes from when you order green paper products and office supplies. You can even get tissue paper and paper towels made with this material. The process to reuse the material takes less energy than it does to make the product with new items. The best part is that there is less waste to worry about when manufacturing this content. Your business can use these products no matter what your area of expertise.

Use Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles

Electric and hybrid vehicles are excellent options for commercial transportation. Many dealerships offer discounts on used fleet models. You can easily find a lease return that is much cheaper than a brand new vehicle. Most of these cars, trucks, and vans have limited mileage and excellent maintenance records, so you know that you are getting a vehicle that will last without the high cost of buying new.

Your business can become more environmentally friendly with a few simple changes. There are grants and tax deductions for using green materials in your business or when buying big-ticket items like air conditioning units or new windows for your base. You can check with the Small Business Administration to find out more information about how to file for energy-efficient programs and funding in your area.

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