Shabby Old Hut Turns Amazing Working Studio, the Green Way

A spider-filled shabby old hut turns a perfect office room with a fabulous design. Wonder what we are talking about? The beautiful office room located in the middle of a domestic garden in Hackney, North-East London has caught our eye. This is a perfect place for those who take work from home.

The old cob-webbed hut now becomes a cozy office space. The Office Sian Architecture + Design group designed this green office under a limited time and cost expenses. In order to provide natural sunlight within the office they framed full-height doors which would also give a clear view of garden.  You can catch glimpses of the sky through hidden roof light. Maximum space utilization and compatibility make this office space a fantastic piece of work.

The library gives a more professional look for the room. There, they have used modular sizes of wood to avoid wastage of space. The unique design is more eco-friendly and energy saving that will cut down electricity bills.  This old hut now acts as a working studio for its clients.


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Old Hut Transformed into Amazing Working Studio

A spider filled hut turns into a beautiful office room, and the design wins an award. This office room, situated in the middle of a domestic garden in Hackney,North-East London,  is a perfect office atmosphere for stay at home workers.

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