4 Reasons Every Industrial Company Should Be Recycling Their Scrap

Does your manufacturing operation produce a lot of scrap metal, and do you wish there was a better alternative to throwing it away? If you’re tired of seeing bin after bin of metal scrap go into the landfill, it’s time to consider a recycling program. Here are four reasons that every industrial company, including yours, should be recycling scrap metal.

Lower Material Costs

You might be surprised to learn that when more companies recycle, the cost of materials can get cheaper over time. Metals are a finite resource, and their price increases as they become more scarce. Recycling helps remedy this problem by keeping the supply of materials up and reducing the amount of metals that are removed from the earth’s stores. You can also save money by purchasing recycled materials instead of new.

Support a Healthy Planet

You know that recycling is good for the planet, but it’s especially important when it comes to your scrap metal. All those metals sitting in landfills not only take up space but also leach harmful elements into lakes, rivers and groundwater. These metals can harm many plant and animal species due to both metal poisoning and altering the pH levels of water habitats that are home to fish, amphibians and reptiles.

Put Money Back in Your Pocket

If saving the environment isn’t enough to convince you, what about saving money? Throwing away your scrap metal is the same as throwing away cash because scrap metal services can give you a significant amount of money for it. You can invest the proceeds from recycling your scrap back into the company, pass the savings on to your customers or use your scrap metal as a fundraiser to benefit a worthy cause.

Showcase Your Company’s Responsibility

Many consumers these days are conscientious about where they spend their hard-earned dollars. They want to purchase products from ethical, responsible companies that make an effort to reduce their environmental footprint. Nothing proves your commitment to your customer base like recycling. You can also promote recycling in your community by offering collection of soda cans and other household scrap metal.

If you’ve been convinced to start recycling your scrap, the first step is learning how to properly prepare it. First, metals must be separated from other components like plastic and rubber. Then sort your metals into ferrous, which means they contain iron, and non-ferrous categories. Now you’re ready to drop your scrap metal off and clean up while cleaning up the environment.

  • Meghan Belnap is the author of this post.

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