Residential Roofing: How a New Roof Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

According to the Federal Trade Commission, half of the money spent on utilities go toward heating and cooling homes. The roof of a home is one of the biggest culprits for wasted electricity when it fails to properly insulate the home. A roof replacement can be a good course of action to save costs long term. A replacement can save costs in utilities and repairs, as well as preventing costly water damage to the home if the roof leaks. Deciding to build a new roof is also an excellent opportunity to start over with energy efficient materials.

Most Efficient Roof Materials

When replacing their roof, homeowners should know that while any new roof is going to be more energy efficient than an old and damaged one, certain materials are better suited to increase efficiency. If the roof material can reflect the sun’s energy and prevent the home from absorbing heat, it is considered to have good solar reflection. High emittance roofs can also go the extra step of releasing heat instead of absorbing it.

Another step homeowners can take to make their new roof more efficient is to add insulation underneath it. Insulating the roof increases a home’s R-value, which lessens the transfer of heat in or out of the home. As a result the home is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

What to Shop for

Many people consider the materials and colors of their roof for aesthetic purposes. However, the color of roof materials don’t just serve a decorative purpose. Homes in cooler climates will do well with darker colored roofs that tend to absorb heat while homes in warmer environments will be well served by lighter colored roofs that naturally reflect heat. New roof materials should also have the Energy Star label, which means they will save on energy costs.

Some homeowners might decide to consider installing a metal roof. While metal roofs are more costly up front and require professional installation, they last much longer than traditional materials which will save costs in the long run. They have higher investment value than other materials. Call a professional like those at Berwald Roofing Inc. to learn more about the roofing options available.

While investing in a new roof might not be a welcome thought, homeowners can be encouraged by the opportunities for financial savings with new energy efficient roofs. Professionals can consult homeowners on roofing options and energy conservation options. Buyers should look for a manufacturer’s guarantee so that they can count on repairs if issues arise.

Lizzie Weakley, the author of this article, is a freelance writer

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