5 Best Majors for Environmental Careers

Consider one of these five majors if you’d like to pursue a career in the environment.

Awareness of both the environment and the efforts to improve it are continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Many different jobs revolve around improving the environment, and these jobs are looking to hire more and more recent graduates. If you would like to have a career involved with the environment, here are five different majors you should be consider.

Green Careers


Botany is the study of plants, focusing particularly on how they grow in certain environments. Botanists perform many valuable services related to improving the environment and learning to react as it changes. They also help ensure that it’s possible to grow produce in many areas of the world, including those which have historically had trouble growing produce. Since the plants produce come from are able to clean the air of toxins, this tends to even help lower emissions, therefore helping the environment two-fold.

Environmental Studies

Environmental sciences is another great option for environmental careers. This education path provides students with a broad range of class options, all of which can help give students who pursue environmental studies a better idea of how the different pieces of the environment fit together and impact each other.


green career2Another major to consider is forestry. Forestry majors learn about the art of managing and maintaining the complex ecosystem that takes place within a forest. People that earn a degree in this field have many relevant industries to choose from like farming and entomology as well as jobs like park ranger and forest manager.


For those that are interested in working with marine life and protecting the water, one of the best education paths to consider is oceanography. This major teaches students all about the complexities of life in the ocean, factors that could influence the future of the life in the water, and more. Once students graduate, oceanographers can get jobs as environmental scientists, marine biologists, and many other positions.


Geology majors work directly with the environment and the land. Students studying geology learn all about natural disaster prediction and prevention as well as environmental protection, and how the functions of the earth both help and harm the environment over time. Once graduated, those with geology degrees can work in LEED-certified construction and more. Students can even specialize in specific geology fields like volcanology or mineralogy to find careers even more geared to their interests in the environment.

Careers in the environment are always needed, and environmental fields have seen much job growth in years past and will continue to see job growth in future years. Consider one of these five majors if you’d like to pursue a career in the environment.

Claire Stewart, the author of this post is a freelance blogger.

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