Eco-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Nowadays, it’s impossible not to hear just how polluted our earth has become and unfortunately, the situation is becoming more and more severe by the day. Thankfully, more and more people in Australia are learning how they can help their planet. One of the ways to make sure you and your loved ones are living slightly healthier lives is by designing your home with an environmentally friendly approach. The great news is that it’s possible to decorate your home with sustainable materials, but still use your own personal style. Here are some tips on green interior design.

Choose organic and natural materials

Using organic and natural materials for furniture and things like mattresses, carpets and beddings means spending more money on interior decoration; however, it is definitely a great way to have an eco-friendly home. So, instead of having plastic, particleboard or metal furniture, opt for natural Australian wood, marble and stone. And instead of using mattresses, beddings and the like made of artificial materials, choose those that are wool-stuffed. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also help keep dust mites away.

Switch to energy efficient windows

First off, make sure you have plenty of windows in your home because by letting sunlight in, you’ll use less artificial lighting. Less artificial lighting means lower electrical bills as well as lower emission of pollution inside your house. Make sure that the windows you have are lined with a special coating to reflect heat and provide insulation. This is yet another way to save money while leading an earth-friendly life seeing as these windows will keep the room warm on cold, winter nights and cool during hot summer seasons.

Stick to energy-efficient lighting

Stick to energy-efficient lighting

Once it’s time to go and buy lighting fixtures, make sure you check out the labels and look for compact fluorescent lights which are energy-efficient, meaning they’re not only eco-friendly, but they will also help you save energy and electrical power. These types of lighting solutions also prevent pollution, which can be harmful both to you and the environment.

Use eco-friendly wall coverings and flooring

When you’re choosing paint or wallpapers, make sure you choose those which don’t emit harmful substances or better yet, opt for wood panels, cork or ceramic tiles in order to really have an environmentally friendly, sustainable home. Not only are these types of wall coverings a healthier option, but they can also be super stylish and make your home look very trendy and interesting.

But don’t stop at wall coverings; instead, also make sure you use earth-friendly flooring. If you’re not sure which materials to use and how, there are a lot of architecture firms in Sydney where you can get plenty of advice and learn everything you need to know about having a sustainable home. You can use marble, which is not only eco-friendly but also a very stylish and attractive material, and you can put wooden parquet or laminate flooring for a warmer look inside the house.

Switch to energy efficient windows

Don’t forget about plants

Is there better decoration inside a home than having plants and greenery everywhere? Not only does having plants around your house make it look beautiful and fresh, but it definitely helps filter air and remove harmful chemicals. This doesn’t mean you need to plant a tree right in the middle of your living room, but instead, choose plants that fit your home, like gerbera daisies or bamboo palms, in order to really improve air quality in your home.

People always think that their small effort in trying to save the environment will go unnoticeable and that it will be pointless. But just imagine: if everyone applied at least some of these tips inside their homes, it’s certain it would help our planet. So, try making your home green; it will affect not only your own health, but also the health of the environment around you.

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