How Granny Flats Can be an Environment-friendly Option

The concept of a granny flat in earlier days was pretty much different than what it is now.

Modern lifestyle comes with an expensive price tag. A lot of households in many countries look for more ways to generate income in order to fulfill the requirements of their financial crunch.

There are many options to invest and make money, but not all of them seem to be legit and eco-friendly. Fortunately, a brand-new concept is exciting a lot of individuals these days in majority of the countries – Granny Flats!

If you have any extra space in your house or in your backyard or lawn, you can make it your earning source by constructing a small, yet convenient, house. And then, lend it in return for a good price.

Well, the concept of a granny flat in earlier days was pretty much different than what it is now. In previous days, elderly members of the family used to stay in a small extended space, about 60 sq metres as per their own terms and by doing petty household works. It surely was an environment-friendly living option for them. Time has changed, now the same granny flats are made in modern versions and rented out. Nevertheless, they are still an eco-friendly option.


Eco friendliness of Granny Flats

There are some points that can explain why the granny flats can be the most environment-friendly option for the home owners. Have a look.

#1:  Small extensions are better than bungalows: If elder members of the family want to stay in their own private corners, small granny homes can be lighter on the budget as well as on the environment. Building small extended flats in the same place will need less resources and money. In addition , the energy consumed by a small place is very less in comparison with a huge bungalow.

#2: No travelling expenses: When the old members of the family stay in the extended granny flats, transportation expenses also get reduced . In addition to this, there is no need to worry about their safety and health as well. You can visit them any time you wish, and understand their needs.

 #3: Granny flats need not be luxurious: One can build an environment-friendly flat as per own requirements. It can be built in a garage, lawn, and in container vans as well. It is an innovative option and doesn’t require energy and money to construct a new flat. However, one has to be creative enough to make an interesting place for living.

#4: Green designs: Usually, a granny flat is made by using eco-friendly materials; completely in favour of the environment. Bamboos, waste items, and recycled things can all be used artistically in making a green granny flat which not just looks appealing but is also functional for the people living.


Ways to make a granny flat green

 If you have understood the reasons of a granny flat being green, let us check out the ways to make it happen.

  • Natural lighting and ventilation: It is a smart way to save environment from spending too much of energy using lights and other expensive fixtures and fittings.
  • Use old furniture and things: Do not throw things when you do not require, instead use them creatively in spaces like granny flats and give them a new personal touch.
  • Insulation, roofing, windows, water system and more: For all these technical aspects, you can seek guidance from the experts and also choose a green and reasonable priced option.


Once you are ready with all the green options, you will start valuing your granny flat more!

Melissa Hamler, the author of this article, is a professional blogger.


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