Breathe Life into Your Commercial Fit Out Using Plants

Plants can bring a calm rejuvenating feel to the office and a positive attitude to the workforce.

The modern time is set in a concrete jungle. We seldom see expanses of green vegetation in our cities. Thus, our drive is to create our green spaces with plants amidst the concrete. This has led to the introduction of terrariums and other such projects into our living space to bring a harmony between natural and city life.

Corporate spaces are often adorned with garden and greenery. The thinking behind this is to allow a space where the employees can have a natural relaxation and enjoy the bliss of nature. This is stemmed and supported by many research and studies that claim that the greenery can antagonize stress. Many companies employ the commercial fit outs office scheme. This means that the basic structure is rented or built by the developer and the final setup is done by the occupant.

Tips on how to prepare such kinds of offices: 

  • One of the first modern commercial fit outs schemes of office design was to create open spacing. This came in contrast to the closed cabin space. Many employers report that creating such a layout has helped in the integration of the workers in a single workforce. This resulted in greater output.
  • Another theory was to create office space with vibrant colour. Motivational quotes and neon signs are utilized to create an interactive workspace.
  • Another philosophy, which is developed and headed by Google, is the Google effect where the workspace is made along with playful spaces for relaxation, rooftop garden etc. This allowed the workers to have a casual office space and take off the strict burden of formality from their shoulders.
  • The latest scheme is to prepare a commercial fitouts which integrates nature into it and involves installation of areas which were abundant like plants commonly or green walls. The philosophy was that plants tend to absorb sound and produce clean air. Plants provide with natural insulation. Many studies have shown that this has a positive psychological effect on the workers allowing them to work under high stress scenarios with a rejuvenating atmosphere around them.

Plants can really change the appearance of a workplace. They can bring a fresh natural aura to the busy and tensed commercial scene.


Plants that can be incorporated into an office setting:

  •  Succulents: These plants are built for a Commercial fit outs. They require little attention which means that you will not find a depressed and a withered plant when you arrive at your workplace in the morning. They can be potted in brightly colored pots which can give a vibrant feel to the office.
  • Fragrant Herbs: These can really change the feel of the commercial setting. Although not all people can handle the strong scent of these plants, placing them in the common dining area can be quite good. Plants such as mint basil have gained credit by such usage.
  • Terrariums: These are quite sophisticated as they contain tiny environment enclosed in a glass dome. They have a delicate appearance and are extremely good looking. Elements such as moss and stone are often included in terrariums.
  • Hanging Plants: These must be the most common ornamental plants used in the Commercial fitouts Spider plants have been used quite often and they lend a retro feel to the office.

Thus, we see that bringing plants into the commercial fit outs scene can really alter the workplace. The plants can bring a calm rejuvenating feel to the office and positive mental attitude to the workforce that help employers to keep calm under the stress situation. Contact your local interior decorator to know more about it.

Melissa Hamler, the author of this article, is a professional blogger.


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