Recycled Wood Pallet: Decoration and Functionality

Here are some of the ideas you should look into and a few handy ways to turn them into reality.

Adapting to an eco-friendly lifestyle can be a trouble for some people, but the sooner we all realize that this is the way to go if we want to leave our planet in proper condition for our children, the better. When trying to go green, it’s important to understand the needs of Mother Earth and adapt our aspirations to the global picture of the eco-friendly movement.

While many people stop at installing new LED lights and making less waste then before, others go all in and bring the green lifestyle into every corner of their home. One of the most creative ways to do so is by using recycled wood pallets that are not just a great constructive material, but also an inspiring and creative decorative element.

Here are some of the ideas you should look into and a few handy ways to turn them into reality.

Bed pallets


Now, this is the most obvious, but probably also the most useful way to utilize a bunch of discarded recycled wood pallets. All you need to do is organize them neatly and place a mattress on top of them and voila – you’ve got a brand new, green and exciting bed in no time! The best thing about such a bed is the comfort and price: wood pallets are practically free as long as you know people with good connections, so you can spend more money on a high-quality mattress. This way, you’ll be sleeping like a king without having to break the bank.

Moreover, once you get used to this bed, you can even add some accessories to it and install new features – using pallets beneath the mattress as storage space, for instance, is one of the most practical ideas in the world. There are lots of ideas to explore and your bed will surely become even more creative and special with each of them. Yes, this concept does need some getting used to, but you have to admit it’s creative and unusual. After all, everyone visiting your home will surely remember sleeping in a pallet bed for a very long time.

Book pallets


Every book lover in the world knows how hard finding that perfect bookshelf is – all the models on the market are either too big for your room, or too small for the number of books you own, or, ultimately, too expensive. That’s why building your own custom bookshelf is the most practical and reasonable thing to do as you’ll be the master of your own faith and in a position to organize your books in accordance with your own system. And when building such a bookshelf, what better way to do so than by using wood pallets?

Again, you don’t have to do much – measure your walls, determine the number of books you’d like to accommodate in your new shelf and stack pallets on top of one another. You can even go rustic and turn your bookshelf into a piece of art in just a couple of hours. The best thing about wood pallet bookshelves is that you can always add a few more pieces every time you purchase a new batch of books – and that’s something that happens quite often, isn’t it?

Storage pallets


Once you’ve mastered turning wood pallets into bookshelves, take things to the next level and use a bunch of pallets to create new shelves that will solve all your storage problems. With all of us having too many stuff lying around, it’s vital to store them properly and organize them neatly. The reason why wood pallets are so good and useful when it comes to storage organization is their shape and durability – not only can you use them as LEGO bricks and create the shelves you’ve always wanted, but they’ll last for decades to come.

So, if your garage or shed is untidy and cluttered, a dozen of wood pallets will do the trick. Turning them into a shelf sounds challenging at first, but all you need for this project are tools, some free time and creativity. Cut pallets in pieces and reassemble them to get the most of your shelf, but make sure you don’t go overboard. Finally, if you need to store heavy equipment or large objects, use two pallets instead of one, just in case.

Decorative pallets


However, recycled wood pallets aren’t just a way to organize your garage, they can be used inside your home as well. If having a bunch of things scattered around your living room makes you nervous, stressed and disoriented, pallets can be an amazing way to organize your possessions and add a touch of class to your interior. Of course, you’ll need to work on them a bit, especially if they are full of cracks or have begun to rot, but there’s an upside to this – repainting them and using exciting colors can really make them come alive and adapt to your home design.

Ideas you can look into include magazine racks, flower walls, plate racks, spice holders and shoe racks. No matter how carefully you work on them, all of these objects will seem peculiar at first, but you’ll soon realize how practical and handy they really are.

Just imagine a clutter-free, completely organized home where everything’s in order and systematized! Ultimately, you can even attach a wooden pallet to your ceiling and use it as a way to position your useful ceiling fans more accurately and tightly – these fans are especially helpful during hot summer months, so why not turn them into a piece of art as well? All of these ideas are also a great way for you to practice your DIY skills and you’ll surely get handier after each project.

Other pallets

These designs aren’t for everyone, but each of them is something that can transform your home from ordinary to astonishing and create effective focal points in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Some of the other concepts you could explore include turning wooden pallets into coffee tables, wine racks, kitchen islands and even outdoor furniture for your patio!

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Emma Joyce, the author of this article, is an interior designer

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