How to Cut Down on Surplus Office Supplies and Stay Green

Your office can suck the life out of the planet and your wallet.

Going green and saving on office supplies and waste is a helpful thing both for the planet and your wallet all at the same time. It helps your company image, employee well being and the planet’s overall health. Below are a few ideas to cut down on supply waste and keep your company green and healthy. Stay Green!

Paper Beginnings to Stay Green

You can start your quest by printing on both sides of the paper when you need to print something off. There is no reason why only one side has to be used when you are just passing out information staying within the office. If you can, avoid printing completely. If you have good internet access, you should be able to share documents all around the world and edit, revise, and display them without the need for paper at all.

A few other paper related tips to save the company some money is to avoid color printing as well as to print in draft mode. The draft mode function will print the copy in a lighter font but it is usually still easily readable. Avoiding color printing just makes sense because color ink requires a lot more ink to be used in general.

Seating Arrangements

The office furniture used in a business setting is important because it can be very wasteful. A lot of offices buy all new furniture for their employees when they really do not need to. There is a whole sea of used office furniture for sale out there. You can get it for much less money than what you would pay for all new stuff and at the same time, get more use out of the furniture that has already been created. Less new furniture means less materials that have to be generated from the planet.

Hot and Cold

Saving on electricity is a big factor for a lot of companies. You can set your thermostat to certain settings to adjust to the different temperatures during different seasons. This can be set up in such a way where it cannot be altered by employees.  Be sure you have good insulation in the building and if possible, have employees work from home on bad snow days to avoid wasting gas on a commute.

Electricity Efficiency

If your office uses computers a lot, try to remember to unplug them when they are not in use. The computers can drain a lot of extra energy for no productive purpose. At the very least, the computers should be put in sleep mode to allow them to not consume as much energy as they otherwise would.

Your office can suck the life out of the planet and your wallet. In order to stay green, be sure to look carefully at these and other ways you can save money and energy right from your office door.

Eileen O’Shanassy, the author of this article, is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Flagstaff, AZ. She writes on a variety of topics and loves to research and write. She enjoys baking, biking, and kayaking. Check out her Twitter @eileenoshanassy. 

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