3 Chemical-Free Ways to Pest Control

The environment will thank you for not adding to the amount of dangerous chemicals already out there.

Few things can ruin a perfectly good day like finding pests in your home. Whether they are bugs or rodents, pests are both annoying and hazardous to your health. Unfortunately, the most common pest control methods involve using chemicals that are just as bad for you as the pests you are trying to keep away. They can also have extremely detrimental effects on the environment. Luckily there are chemical-free ways to keep your home pest-free.

Keep it Clean

The best way to keep your home free of pests is to remove any reason for them to be there in the first place. Pests are attracted primarily by food. Even the tiniest of crumbs dropped on the floor can provide a feast for small bugs. Vacuuming regularly can prevent that from happening.

When cleaning counters and tables you can use a variety of green homemade cleaners that are just as effective as chemicals. This chemical-free cleaning solution has the benefit of giving your home a nice scent and also repelling certain pests. Good essential oils to use for that include peppermint, lemon, and basil.

Repel With Home Remedies

Using herbs and essential oils to repel pests is effective in preventing them from finding a place to breed in your home. Peppermint and spearmint are useful in deterring flies, mice, and roaches. The strong scent is irritating to them and they will try to avoid it. It also has the bonus of making your home smell wonderful. Cinnamon can also deter ants from entering your home because of the strong scent.

You can also plan your garden to include plants that naturally repel pests. These plants can be effective both in your garden and in your home. Leesburg Pest Control recommends considering marigold, rosemary, and lavender.

Find a Green Pest Control Company

Occasionally, you may not discover an infestation until it is out of hand and you can’t fix it by yourself. At this point, consider finding a pest control company that specializes in environmentally friendly pest control methods. Green pest control methods have proven to be as effective as chemical methods, while not causing harm to you, your family, or the environment.

Pests are an annoyance that can quickly turn into a hazard. Following these simple and environmentally friendly methods can prevent that from happening. Whatever option you choose, the environment will thank you for not adding to the amount of dangerous chemicals already out there.

Jennifer Montgomery is the author of this article.

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